Ethen Adam
by on December 15, 2020
According to legends who believe in astrology life is “written in the stars”. Believers of astrology believe that the position and movement of stars and planets affect terrestrial lives including human beings. Let's check 3 Things that should know about Astrology 1. It is a Science Astrology is not as simple as many belief. It is not just a made-up story by some old folks. Astrology is a knowledge-based system that takes years to learn, understand, and then eventually apply. 2. It is an Art Astrology is not all about some bad things that happened to you or is going to happen to you. Believers of astrology believe that it is a form of art. The mesmerizing constellations, ancient accounts of astrological systems, and the storytelling technique of the fortune tellers are considered as an art. 3. Truth Truth is the only way to understand every aspect of life. Many ancient civilizations spent decades to form astrological systems and pursued truth in order to comprehend their existence and understand their affairs. Werner Erich Popp is one of those individuals who actually witnessed the magic of astrology in his professional and personal life and he is on his way to guide others about this mind-boggling science. He is a professional astrologist for years now and helped several individuals to achieve success through the way of astrology. Whether it is professional or personal concerns astrology provides a gateway for understanding the personality of an individual without decades of surveys and studies. ‘How to Forecast Lottery Numbers by Astrology’, reveals details of the fascinating facts about astrology and how it can help individuals in forecasting the lottery numbers. Knowing the truth of astrology through the book ‘How to Forecast Lottery Numbers by Astrology’ can really change your perception about astrology. Werner Popp himself is a realist and skeptical person. He believes in finding the truth and illuminating the darkness with the power of thorough research in every aspect of life. This book is a must-read for both people who believe astrology is a science and for people who do not believe in the wonders of astrology. If you believe that miracles do happen in this world then you should believe in the wonders of astrology as well and study the science which leads to astrology. About the Author Werner Erich Popp is a graduate of Public Management. He was born on 17 February 1944 in Buchau district, Karlsbad. Now Popp is a retired Chief Superintendent. In 1945, he fled to Fürth with his mother. Till 1969 he lived in Fürth and Nuremberg. Later he moved to Kiel and then to Wiesbaden and since 2011 he has been living in Stromberg. Popp studied Law and then worked as a consultant to local presidents at the LKA Kiel and BKA Wiesbaden and data protection for the police. In the 1980s he was offered the job of the ministerial director of planning and development of EDP by the Federal Intelligence Service. Werner Popp is an amazing author and his experience has taught him a lot about life and the science of life. His book, ‘How to Forecast Lottery Numbers by Astrology’, is an amazing insight into the wonders of astrology. He has one more book under his name. ‘Silent Milestones by The Way [Through Life]’ is a remarkable autobiography largely about his professional phase of life. It is an amazing autobiography making readers witness the life of the author and his experiences which led him to success.
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