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by on December 15, 2020

F0 lost track, pathogens in the community, time to social isolation, but many people still ignore to go to the gym.

Yesterday, when I went to the market across Lang Street, along To Lich River (Hanoi), I was scared when I saw people going out to the street to exercise, jog, cycle quite a lot, even some people did not wear masks. or worn but incorrectly, coping. People walk quite close to each other, not guarantee a minimum distance of 2 m. There is another part of the people walking to do gymnastics right on the streets of Hanoi, including my neighbors.

During the epidemic season, ensuring and improving our own health and physical training are very important to each of us. Exercise is very good, but how to do this to ensure the health of yourself and the community, and properly implement anti-epidemic measures of the authorities, depends a lot on consciousness of every citizen.

Everyone knows the tremendous effects of exercising and sports, improving health. Uncle Ho once said: "Every weak person means a weak country. Each healthy person means a healthy country". Especially in this epidemic period, the practice of sports is extremely necessary. When our physical strength is weak, our resistance is not enough, and strength training is also a very effective preventive measure.

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However, when we are in social isolation, exercise must also be done according to the circumstances. Many people choose to practice themselves at home, waking up every morning on the terrace, on the balcony, breathing the air and exercising. Some families even buy weights, exercise machines ... to exercise in epidemic prevention days.

However, there are still a part of people who choose to go to the street to exercise, even people cross the fence, climb the wall to the park for exercise, gym, despite the ban. Through other communication channels, I see many people climbing walls, crossing barriers, slipping through narrow railings to enter the gym, gym, swing ... Even some people enter the park. Not for exercise but for fishing, some people don't wear masks.

Still know, exercise is a legitimate need of each person, exercise is good health. No one prohibits or discourages exercise, and is even encouraged. Exercising for physical improvement is at least better than lazy people. But this season, when there is a social isolation order, the park is closed, must limit access to the street, keep a minimum distance of 2 meters between people to avoid spreading disease, the exercise must also change. to suit the pandemic situation.

If every citizen goes to the streets and lakes to do exercise like that, without keeping the minimum distance, or even wearing a mask, the risk of infection will be very large, while this is already the third stage of epidemic prevention. F0 has lost track, the disease has germinated in the community. In densely populated places like Hanoi, a large number of people practice around riverside roads and walk, jog, cycle, and as long as there is one person with the disease, we will have to be very isolated. many people involved.

Also in parks, it is not safe for people to climb walls, cross fences, and cross the railing to get inside. In addition to the epidemiological factor related to the concentration of people, entering the park and sharing a bar and bench ... thus, there is a lot of potential risk of infection if unfortunately, there are people who are sick, sneezing, Do not wear a mask, the virus clings to the surface, especially during the changing season, it is cold, Ms. Bang as now. Not to mention careless climbing can also threaten your own health. Some accidental cases can damage the park's facilities.

I think, these epidemic times, the exercise should be done, but must change. Instead of having to go to the lake or park as usual, we should practice at home, if possible, we can equip with training equipment, otherwise we should do appropriate exercises. In the early morning or afternoon, you can go to the terrace, balcony to practice, or you can go to the front door to practice, pay attention to wear a mask, while breathing the air, while exercising. Minimize the need to go outside to exercise (if you go out to walk, then take a row and at least 2 m from other people).

Authorities should take measures to handle walking, jogging, cycling but do not ensure a safe distance, gather in crowded clusters. Fines may be imposed, or paid isolation may be required depending on the offense. Exercise is good, should be encouraged, but it needs to be done at the right time, in the right place, in the right way, to both protect one's health and ensure public health as well as the requirements for Covid-19 epidemic prevention .
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