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Wholesale clothing is a basic industry of the apparel business. It is not possible to build a successful clothing business overnight. Many efforts need to be put in to attract customers and then satisfy them. In order to achieve this target, you need to utilize the inventory system. It is the most effective business tool to manage the clothing business. How is it helping us? To answer your question the following points are given.

● Clothing Details

The inventory system allows entering the clothing details into the system. In this step, the system generates specific barcodes for all clothing items to make them different from each other. While adding details, try to add all the recent and new designs of fabrics.

● Supplier Information

The supplier will determine the quality of the products. With the help of an inventory system, you can add the contacts of suppliers. This is a one-time requirement, after that, you can easily make and place the purchase order to the desired supplier for clothing. Furthermore, with the help of an inventory stem, you can check the quality of suppliers. The system helps you to determine the answer to the following questions.
● How many times suppliers have delivered their orders on time?
● How many products are damaged in order?
● Are the delivered products matching the order placed?

● Ordering

The next step in the wholesale clothing business is to draft and place orders. The inventory system helps you with the previous factors and figures to draft possible accurate purchase orders to avoid the stock conditions. The inventory system also helps in another way. When the stock touches its safety stock or dangerous stock limit it will alert you. The business can quickly place an order to avoid inconvenience.

● Receiving of Stock

All clothing details are already fed into the system. Now it’s time to enter the quantity of the received products into the system. Furthermore, the bar code number is given to every item to keep track of it. Then it is placed in the warehouse in an easily accessible manner. The system will show the real-time picture of the storehouse all the material that is available after receiving it.

● Organize the Clothing Inventory

With the help of an inventory system, you can classify the products into various categories depending upon gender, age, or usage of clothes. Then place and arrange them in different sections to avoid creating any mess.

● Generate Multiple Reports

Inventory software helps to generate multiple reports. These reports express a clear picture of every step of sales and purchase flow. In the presence of this software, you don't need to wait for a whole year to evaluate the performance. These reports help you to make quick decisions that help to improve the working situations immediately.

● Confirmation of Orders

Inventory software also deals with the customer’s sides. The customer’s executive should have access to the Inventory Management System. With this, they can provide customers with accurate information related to products. After answering their inquiries, they confirm the order with this system. At this time, they add data to clients’ orders and other contact details for later use.

● Picking and Packing of Clothes

The next step after confirmation of order is the picking and packing of the clothes according to order details. The stock system guides you about the availability and location information of the clothes. The system helps to pick the right products in the easiest way and then pack in a good way. Then you can load them without any damage or loss.

● Delivery

The final step is the delivery of the product. The inventory system plays a vital role there also. The system keeps a record of the invoice and confirms the delivery of the clothing. Most of the system allows their customer to give feedback after the delivery. Positive feedback is just like an asset to the business. On the other hand, negative feedback helps to improve the performance of the business.

● Future Reports

The inventory system helps in the formulation of future strategies related to sales, purchase, and warehouse management. The system creates multiple reports like storing cost, damaged products of the year, etc. These data can be used in the next plans to avoid problems and enhance performance.
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