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by on December 18, 2020

On May 31, a British resident, Ms. Lindsay Durdle, 37 years old, died of cancer. Her husband, Howard Durdle, informed PayPal of her death last month. Upon request, he provided PayPal with his identity card, a copy of her death certificate, and her will.

Soon after, Mr. Durdle received a payment notice from his residence in Bucklebury, West Berkshire, sent to his late wife. The letter stated that Ms. Durdle's death was in breach of the company's agreement with PayPal credit, and warned her of legal proceedings.

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As can be seen in the letter above, PayPal mentioned a violation of clause 15.4 (c) by the company. This provision has come into effect since Ms. Durdle's death. Furthermore, the breach was said to be "irreversible," with a warning that they would take legal action on the deceased woman. According to the letter, they will terminate the agreement and will proceed to legal proceedings on her. In addition, they require her to pay an account balance of up to £ 3,240.71 (about $ 4,294.05).

The language used by this letter is unacceptable. Mr. Durdle was obviously very angry when he received this letter. He asked for an answer from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), saying that PayPal was the only organization that dared to send such a bad response, after they had been notified of the death of his wife. He argued that it was unacceptable to write a letter to the deceased, treating the girl's death as a breach of contract.

PayPal had to apologize to Mr. Durdle, claiming that it was a system error, that it was using an inappropriate mail pattern, that it was a human error, etc. In a statement to the BBC, a PayPal spokesperson said: "We are quickly looking into this matter, and are currently contacting Mr. Durdle directly to assist you." The company has also written off any outstanding debts in the meantime.

Mr. Durdle feels that this issue is not one that can be taken lightly. "If I had to make a fuss about this, I would want to make sure that PayPal or any other organization wouldn't do this kind of short-sightedness anymore," he said. that they can inflict on the relatives of the recently deceased. "
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