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How does the embroidery does not wrinkle?

When embroidering, choose different linings for different fabrics and different patterns. When stretching the material, the fabric should not be too tight or too loose; if you embroider with a soft and thin fabric, it is best not to use a pattern with dense stitches; and use frame clamps.

Embroidered silk fabric:

Embroidery silk fabrics must use small embroidery needles, 9 and 11 needles. It is best to use a water-soluble lining or tearable lining. If necessary, add a soft cloth to the frame edge to prevent the embroidery frame from jamming the fabric.

Water-soluble interlining for crochet embroidery:

The water-soluble lining used for crochet embroidery is too soft to skip stitches and too hard to break the lining, so it is better to use a soft and a hard two-layer lining.

The difference between various embroidery feet

The ordinary embroidery presser foot is used for free press thread or embroidery; open toe embroidery presser foot is suitable for free press thread, and its open toe makes the stitches more clearly visible; spring type embroidery presser foot is used for free press thread or embroidery, suitable for middle Embroidery on thick fabrics or quilted; the spring-type open-toed embroidery foot is more suitable for free pressing on the quilted, and the open toe can make the stitches in progress more clearly.

What thread and needle are used for embroidery?

According to different fabrics and embroidery patterns, choose different embroidery threads. Sometimes special threads (such as metal threads) can be used for ordinary embroidery, but it is best to use special embroidery needles when embroidering with special threads.

How should the embroidery machine be operated for him?

Many friends who bought the embroidery machine, when the embroidery machine is bought back, for those who have not been in touch with the embroidery machine, they are busy with the embroidery machine and do not know how to operate the embroidery machine, and they are afraid of breaking the machine. Today i will tell you correct the order of the embroidery machine's embroidery operations.

Make embroidery patterns on the computer:

The first is the determination of the pattern. After selecting the pattern to be embroidered, we need to use the embroidery software to make an embroidery version. The commonly used embroidery software is Wilcom’s embroidery software, which is simple and easy to understand. Dealing with cross stitch is more innovative. It is generally recommended to consider a professional pattern maker with more than four machines.

 Simulate the embroidery process:

When processing or modifying the embroidery pattern, the order of embroidery must be known. Check the embroidery sequence of the pattern design in the pattern design "run" by stitch, section, function or object. You can also check the embroidery sequence by slowly redisplaying it on the screen. DG/ML can simulate the embroidery process. During "embroidery", the stitches will gradually change from black to the configured embroidery thread color.

The electric control system operates the embroidery:

In the actual operation of the embroidery machine, the operation requirements must be strictly followed. Generally every new machine comes with an operation manual.

According to the manufacturing requirements, install the colored thread and the bottom thread and adjust the tension of the bottom thread.

Lay paper flaps and clamp at both ends with clips. Then spread the gauze, clamp the gauze around the table with the cloth clamp.

Turn on the position and set various embroidery parameters.

Paste double-sided adhesive tape on the gauze, spread the cut piece on the opening position, so that the embroidered part of the cut piece is completely overlapped with the opening position, press the piece with both hands to make the piece close On the gauze, prevent the pieces from stretching.

When placing the pieces, the lathe should distinguish the top and bottom, front and back sides of the pieces, and recognize the positioning line of each item.

Toggle the linkage switch to the right to start the machine, and the computerized embroidery machine will start embroidering. Toggle the linkage switch to the left to stop the machine.

In the embroidering process, if there are missing stitches, skipped stitches, or stranded threads, the stitches should be reversed and the pieces should be kept clean.

When the embroidery is completed, the operator should take back the pieces and place them according to the specified codes. The above steps are repeated to form a large-scale production.

There are many professional embroidery operators on the market. For manufacturers who buy embroidery machines for the first time, it is recommended to recruit more skilled workers.

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