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by on December 21, 2020

Live casino, aka live dealer gameplay, is a relatively new addition to the exciting domain of online gambling. With dozens of gaming providers releasing new titles, gambling enthusiasts immerse themselves in an exciting gambling world. For quite some time, fierce debates regarding payouts and odds were taking place, aiming to compare a live dealer’s winnings and online gameplay modes. As it often happens, this case deserves a bit more attention than it could seem at first glance. Below, you will find a few compelling arguments why live casino gamblers win more than regular players. Take a look!

Odds Behind Live Dealer Games

While reviewing such a complicated matter as the game payout scheme, one should first be aware of how live dealer games work. Most gambling websites now feature live dealer table games, including numerous Roulette, Blackjack, Craps, Baccarat, and Poker variations. Bear in mind that the payout schemes and game rules of these two gameplay modes are the same. While their rules are no different from their video counterparts, players still manage to win slightly higher numbers. The reasons behind such a phenomenon are many, ranging from bonuses and game selection to in-game psychology and budget-planning.

Bonuses and Promotions

Since most live dealer games are no different from their online counterparts regarding rules, players can still benefit uniquely. Based on dozens of reviews, live casinos seem to be offering more generous welcome bonuses and special deals. Since dozens of such platforms are still growing, alongside looking for new players, making the most of those offers is wise. While choosing a suitable online casino, be sure to review what bonuses are represented. This way, you’d find the most generous promotions, eventually increasing your winning odds in the long run. You see, even such a tiny perk could be useful for claiming more winnings shortly.

Game Selection

While skimming through the list of available games in live dealer casinos, players would see plenty of titles. Even though each game delivers its unique experience, some games are more beneficial regarding winnings. If you have long considered playing for the sake of boosting your winning, accessing Blackjack live dealer games is highly advised. Unlike Roulette or Craps, Blackjack involves the most skill and player’s knowledge.
Game selection is one of those cornerstones that make online gambling so amusing for most players. That’s why choosing a casino with a never-ending gaming portfolio is usually preferred by most gambling enthusiasts. Since the niche of online casinos has been steadily growing, you can now read plenty of decent Canadian platform reviews. For instance, you are welcome to read a review of Kingdom Casino to find out more about its game selection. Be sure to get acquainted with Casino Kingdom reviews and start playing a high-payout Blackjack title shortly after!


Since live dealer amusements are a bit more complicated than the regular ones, especially regarding the used technologies, more experienced players tend to play them. These users are more experienced with proven casinos and their respective games, meaning they know game rules by hard. The psychological aspect, in such regard, is represented via in-game actions. It is no surprise that the experienced players are acting more consciously than newcomers. In other words, a certain extent of experience ensures that gamblers make more winning-driven decisions, which are much-needed in Blackjack, Baccarat, or Poker.


The same goes for budget-planning, a skill that should be mastered by all active gambling enthusiasts. The rationale behind wagering planning is to maximize the number of wagers that are associated with win-able situations. These players lower their stakes when the gaming odds are against them while increasing them when payouts are more probable. The most experienced gamblers even employ math calculations to make their in-game decisions. You might ask how it is any different from the usual video games in online casinos. The crucial point is that live dealer players choose the boards with the most suitable wagers and payouts, which is possible thanks to comprehensive live dealer game collections in online casinos. After all, gambling experts are confident that the future of gambling is in the hands of live dealer amusements, offering the most in-game flexibility.

In a Word

Regardless of your prior experience with live dealer gameplay, this is a decision you should make shortly. Regarding the winning criteria, one should remember that live dealer players are more experienced than casino newcomers. They tend to choose casinos with the most generous promotions that also have decent game selections. After choosing a suitable game with high payouts and professional croupiers, these players use their experienced and budget-planning to maximize their winnings. With all those factors, it is no surprise that live dealer players are more conscious regarding gameplay, eventually boosting their winnings odds considerably.
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