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When you are at the head of a company or work team, it is essential to have the capacity and firm pulse to make decisions. Often, choices need to be quick and any mistakes or delays can end up compromising business results.

Although it seems simple, the ability to make decisions is not a common feature for all managers, and most of them suffer when choosing a path to follow - be it a dismissal, a hiring, the implementation of a project or adoption of a new strategy. The good news is that there are efficient ways to facilitate and optimize business decision making. Want to know how to do this? So, check out the following tips to make the decision process easier:

Have good strategic planning

Each and every company needs a good strategic planning, as this material serves to guide the actions in the organization and to base the decision making in the business. The planning must contain the business objectives, the details of the market, the profile of the target audience, the challenges of the segment, etc. Based on this information, the manager is more likely to be right in his choices. Before you make a decision, you have to understand the effects of your choice and you need to use yes or no generator that's make your decision more easy.

Be creative

Faced with a difficult decision, it is important to escape the commonplace and have the courage to innovate. Be creative, think of new possibilities and consider multiple solutions to the same problem. Being creative not only brings a freshness to management, it can also be a motivating factor for the team. In addition, often a creative and unusual decision can be the key to success in a corporate project.

Count on a plan B

Things do not always go as planned and, even if you have a good strategic plan, setbacks can make you have to reschedule the route and make another decision on an emergency basis. In this case, it is essential that leaders have a plan B, to be applied in case something goes wrong in the middle of the course.

Think fast

In the business world, time is money and quick decisions can be decisive for good results in companies. In this sense, it is essential that managers think quickly and do not waste time in making decisions. The choices must be analyzed, planned and consistent, but the whole process needs to be developed in a short time, even as a way of not compromising the progress of activities in the company and the business productivity.

yes or no


Build on past experience

Use your expertise and your knowledge of the world to make your decisions. His executive know-how, the information he acquired in his academic life, the books he read and the challenges he faced also serve as a basis for decision-making, especially when the current situation is similar to situations experienced in the past.

Follow your intuition

Every good manager has a feeling, a business acumen. The so-called business intuition must also be considered when making an important decision. Of course, you can (and should) listen to other professionals, but the final choice must be yours and, often, your intuition will indicate the right path to follow.

Base your decision on facts

Making a decision is a serious matter and, to avoid having to go back on your choice, base it on facts. Analyze reports, check documents, see spreadsheets, graphs and financial projections. This can make all the difference in business management!

So, do you already use these strategies in decision making in your company? Do you have any other tips to pass? Share your opinions with us through the comments. Until next time and keep an eye on our blog!

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