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Have you ever drawn using a drawing table If your answer is "yes" it means you know how difficult it is to draw manually with a drawing table. Of course, AutoCAD's presence is a breeze of heaven for drafter or engineer. we can quickly, neatly and precisely draw on the computer with the help of AutoCAD software. Autodesk's output software has many features that really help speed up and optimize the drawing process.

Whether you are a design enthusiast that discovers out the aforementioned statement to become quite true, I am here to inform you your difficulties have been all above. Inside this post, I intend to provide you with alist of HVAC CAD that are truly easy to use which are certain to allow you began in your own travel to designing versions that are great.


computer-aided design


This software with the original DWG data format has become the prima donna in the country. along with the development of technology and the increasingly sophisticated AutoCAD software updates, the drawing table completely disappeared from circulation. almost never do I see a drawing table again used for drawing. even if there is only used as a display ??. what are the advantages of drawing with AutoCAD which makes the drawing table abandoned. let's discuss one by one below.

1. Wide Drawing Space

With a large drawing space and even unlimited in AutoCAD, you will not experience the problem of the drawing not fit any more. Of course, the drawing space in AutoCAD cannot be compared to the limited space on the drawing table. A large drawing space in AutoCAD is also supported by an area for plotting.

2. Fast drawing time

in terms of time AutoCAD is much faster than drawing on the drawing table. just try it if you draw a circle it takes ten seconds. but with AutoCAD we can make 100 circles at the same time. with the array command of course.

3. High level of precision

drawing with AutoCAD is much more precise than the drawing table. Can your eye tell the difference between 0.1mm and 0.05mm line thickness with the scale ruler on the drawing table. if with AutoCAD let alone 0.05mm, 0.005mm can still be detected. even AutoCAD units can have up to 13 decimal places.

4. Images can be easily documented

If you draw with a drawing table, the result will be paper immediately. it takes up space for storage. and if we file a paper image, it is possible that the paper is lost, damaged, or taken by someone. Another case if the output image generated by AutoCAD. namely in the form of digital files that can be stored in a folder on our computer so that we can document images in an organized manner. If at any time we need pictures on paper or hardcopy, we just need to plot as many images as we want.



5. Easy to edit

sometimes we make mistakes in the drawing process. if that happens when we draw with the drawing table, of course you will be very inconvenient. for example, if there is an image that you want to delete, the erasing process takes quite a long time, not to mention having to draw the wrong part. but if with autocad all image editing processes can be done easily and quickly. want to delete? live selection then type E then space. it only takes a few seconds. and any object can be edited such as copy, move, array, rotate, break, scale, trim, extend, offset, mirror and other edit commands.

6. Clean and tidy results

because drawing with AutoCAD is a digital image that can be deleted or edited without leaving a mark. of course the resulting image is clean and tidy.

7. Visual Effects

with AutoCAD we can produce interesting visual effects. CAD solid models in AutoCAD can be given materials, lighting during rendering so that we can use them for presentations.

8. Ease of adjusting the Scale

If we draw on the drawing table we have to determine the scale before drawing, but if in AutoCAD we only need to draw a scale of 1: 1. In layout mode, we can adjust the image scale differently from the viewport. without having to draw again for each view.

9. there is support for data exchange systems

Image output from AutoCAD can be exported and manipulated by other software. for example Sketchup software, 3D Max, etabs, adobe photoshop, corel, nitro PDF and many other software.




That was the 9 advantages of AutoCAD that I can describe. The ease of drawing with AutoCAD does not mean that the images produced by the software are always good results, of course not like that. the effectiveness of the depiction depends on the user himself.

Here, we come to the finish of the best 5 CAD apps that newbies must look at having to introduce themselves to design. These programs are mostly free or come with demo versions you may take advantage of.

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