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Choosing the Right Removal Company
Moving homes can be one of the most stressful times in anyone's life, but it doesn't have to be. Using my tips below I hope to help you choose the right removal company for your move.
Feel Confident
If you don't feel confident in your removal company then you are just going to be more stressed as your move gets closer and worry on the actual day. Make sure you research the company completely, ensure all certifications they claim to have are current, and ask to see references and feedback from previous clients and moves.
Meet and greet
Any reputable removal firm will come out to your home and provide a free quote. Take this opportunity to meet the person and make the most of their time. Ask them about anything you are unsure of, and show them any items you think may be awkward or heavy. They are professionals so use their knowledge and ask them as many questions as possible. Equally the more you can tell them about your move, the smoother things will go on the day.
Cheap is not always cheerful
Just because one company quotes less than the rest does not mean they are the one to choose! Ask yourself why are they so cheap? Are they using unskilled staff? Using older vehicles? Are they desperate for the work? Go with the removal firm you feel most confident and comfortable with. If it comes down to price then try and discuss this with them. At the end of the day the extra few pounds at the beginning may be worth the hassle free move you will receive at the end!
Late Notice
If a removal firm can do every date you request at short notice, ask yourself why. Why are they not busy? Why are other people not moving with this company? Generally a removal firm will be booked up weeks in advance, sometimes months. But don't forget late cancellations and transfers are always a possibility so if you do want a short notice move you may still be able to get your first choice.
Go local
With increasing fuel costs, try and Packers and Movers Ahmedabad choose a removal company with an office located within an hour of your beginning or end destination. If they have to travel a few hours to and from your home, the charge may be hidden somewhere else within your quote.
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