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by on December 26, 2020

"My name is Gia Han, right?" - Santa Claus carrying a gift bag to the front of room 7A, the kidney endocrine department, where Gia Han is being treated, asked. "Yes, my name is Gia Han" - a 13-year-old girl, living in Cu Chi district, Ho Chi Minh City, lying on a hospital bed excitedly replied when she saw Santa Claus coming.

First Christmas present

Santa came to Gia Han's hospital bed and asked: "What gift do you wish Santa Claus gave me?". Gia Han answered: "It's a doll house".

"Why do you wish to have this gift?" asked Santa. Gia Han said she has a doll but she doesn't have a home yet, so she hopes her doll will have a house to live in.

Santa Claus smiled and asked Gia Han to close her eyes to count 1-2-3, then open her eyes to see if Gia Han's Christmas gift wishes come true!

A few seconds later, when Gia Han opened her eyes, she saw a gift in her hand. Opening the gift is the gift that Gia Han wished for. From the moment she received the gift, the girl laughed all the time, her hand still stroking Christmas present.

Standing from the door of the hospital room, she saw her daughter happily and happy when she received a gift from Santa Claus, 37-year-old Ms. Nguyen Thi My Lan, Gia Han's mother, happily shed tears. Lan said that for several days, she asked her every day: "Have you seen Santa Claus coming yet?".

The day before, the staff of Children's Hospital 2 sent the children Christmas cards to write their wishes, to Santa Claus. Her daughter also "secretly" wrote her wish and is looking forward to this gift!

When I wrote, Mrs. Lan thought that the hospital had so many patients. I wonder if her daughter received the gifts as she expected or not?

Now with my own eyes, seeing Santa Claus coming to give the right gift that her child wished for, seeing her smiling happily, forgetting about the pain and illness, she was surprised and very touched. This is also the first Christmas present in Gia Han's life.

My Lan said that when she was 3 months old when she was born in Gia Han, her husband was in a traffic accident and remained away from her mother and daughter forever. She struggles to raise her children alone, so she has never bought a Christmas gift for her eldest child.

For more than a year, when she was discovered that her daughter had end-stage chronic kidney failure, her son had to be hospitalized for the whole time. Rarely does she see her children as happy as when she received a Santa gift.

Sitting in a wheelchair, Huynh Minh Phi, 15 years old, living in District 7, Ho Chi Minh City, is also very happy to receive a Christmas gift of a red, very beautiful, speed-controlled car. Minh Phi is currently being treated in the neurological department of the hospital.

From the moment she was born, Phi had suffered from congenital muscle dystrophy, so she could not walk since childhood. Phi's mother shared that because Phi has never been able to go, she likes fast cars.

Phi's mother, standing right behind a wheelchair, told her that when she had two children, they both had this disease. She mainly takes care of two children, while her husband works to take care of the whole family. She and her husband worked hard, borrowing back and forth to raise two children.

For the past two years, Phi has been tired and has pneumonia all the time so her child has to stay for treatment at Children's Hospital 2. Her family's life is difficult, so she and her husband have never bought gifts for their children on Christmas .

This is the second time I've received a Christmas present. Both times were gifts from Santa Claus from Children's Hospital 2.

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Wish to be cured

In the hundreds of letters sent to Santa Claus by Children's Hospital 2 Children's Hospital, most babies wish to quickly recover from their illness and return home.

Someone wrote: "May Santa bless me with the color of my illness so that I can return to my family. I thank you very much." Someone wrote: "I have a simple wish that I wish everyone a good health and a peaceful life".

Some children wish to give a teddy bear, some wish to give a dinosaur ... Some children wish to have 500,000 for their mother to pay the hospital fee. Some kids wish to receive a special Santa Claus gift ...

Ms. Le Thi Minh Hong, deputy director of Children's Hospital 2, said every year Children's Hospital 2 also organizes giving Christmas gifts to the children.

But this year, for the first time, the hospital sends cards to each child so they can write their wishes on it, and the hospital will try to comply with their wishes. For young children who cannot write, they can say their wishes to their mothers so that their mothers can write them on cards.
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