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by on December 29, 2020
A French company recognized for over 11 years, © Sex Dolls Europe specializes in silicone and TPE sex dolls, voted best sexshop of the year 2015, rue Frochot in Pigalle, that's where it all started. Today, all of this company's sales are done online. Embarrassing for some, online commerce still has its advantages, including price reductions on delivery, and knowing that the doll weighs about thirty kilos on average, purchases on order, the price climbed quickly, to ensure a fast delivery of her sex doll always at home of course. Delivery is made by UPS or FedEx, completely anonymously and given against signature to maximize security. No mark is present on the parcel, as well as the payment, where the company gives a more discreet wording for its customers: BIOTECH FRANCE. To sum up, you will have learned the history of this online sexshop, extremely serious and efficient and specialized in the sale of sex dolls or love dolls as they say, very famous in Asia but less known in Europe. Over time, this phenomenon is growing and will soon replace the vulgar, less realistic, smaller sex toys, which also have their advantages, if you get hold of the sexual realism that the world of sex has wanted to achieve for years. The travel in Visiter le site is the best thing you can do Today we are offering you a real trip to Thailand with our most famous sex doll and repeatedly voted best doll in our catalog. Why is she meeting this success? Possessing a light body to make love, to wear it, this model is extremely compact which is very important when you do not have a lot of room to store it, also its price is really very low compared to the quality offered to clients, a sexy Thai model that makes you want her from morning to night. This is undoubtedly our best value for money, have extreme finishes on the face and body, will make you the relationship to the doll extremely bizarre, due to its incredible realism, indeed, you will generally save 50% of the price compared to another competitor, thanks to our high stock and located in Europe, this is what our customers prefer, in general, a 3-day delivery in a discreet and anonymous way is better for us, to ensure our customers the best in all circumstances, and we try at all costs to address delivery issues due to COVID.
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