Tran Cong
by on December 29, 2020

To prevent Google from knowing where and when, users often turn off Location History feature on Android phones.

However, disabling this only ensures that data is no longer added to monthly Location History, but information about your location will continue to be collected if you use Google Maps.

To completely turn off data collection on your Android device, open the security menu in your Google account and then select Activity Controls. Here, you can choose to disable Web & App Activity. Only then, the new location data is no longer saved.

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These steps can be performed directly on a smartphone in the Google app or through an Internet browser after logging in to your account.

Also in the privacy menu, users can choose My Activity to see what data is created when using a Google service, and choose to delete the data if you don't want to leave any information behind.

Previously, in August this year, Google was accused by the Press Federation (AP) in the US of tracking users when automatically saving snapshots where users open the Google Maps application.
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