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by on October 4, 2017

If you are an admirer of the unusual, extreme, mysterious and want to experience one of the most extra ordinary events, the a trip to the Chernobyl Zone should be on your to do list. A visit to the exclusion zone is like being a part of another world that is completely different from reality. This visit will help you understand the kind of impact human beings have on the environment Ukraine’s Nuclear Power Plant experienced a deadly melt down in 1986. It produced four hundred times more radioactive material into the atmosphere. This production of nuclear material led to the abandonment of Pripyat a nearby town and the plant. They are both isolated in an exclusion zone and access to this area is controlled. Even with all the restrictions, it has not stopped tourist that are curious from visiting the zone so as to get a feel of the ghostly remains themselves.

tour to Chernobyl

If you are an English speaker and planning on making the trip, it would be prudent to go with a tour group that has an English guide as most of the guides are Russian. The tour costs around £80 and it is for an entire day. If you are planning on going on an overnight trip, it will cost you about £220 for the entire package which includes food, transport and accommodation with the exclusion zone.


For most tourists, they will be draw to the abandoned city of Pripyat. The city has hospitals, schools, swimming pools, theatres and sports halls. A tour through this town involves a route that is prearranged through the deserted town. You will be able to make a few stops for photographs. You may be allowed a limited amount of time to tour on your own.

You will be able to experience an abandoned city. It is quite exciting as you feel like you’re travelling back in time as everything has remained the same since the melt down.

You will be able to see the amazing city of Pripyat that is situated in the most fertile and rich forests in the Ukrainian Woodlands. It now lies desolate in silence forever.

You will see robots that worked really hard to save lives after the melt down. They have been exhibited on platforms for all to see.

You can entertain the thrill of seeing the Chernobyl site from a distance. It is an unusual place. You will see the Shelter. It is a unique and grand construction.

How far into the Exclusion Zone Can You Go?

You can go all the way into the Exclusion Zone which is the most busiest and radioactive area. It is an area that is staffed by engineers and scientists. They work in shifts so as to ensure that they do not stay too long in the radioactive zone.

trip to Chernobyl fun

Chernobyl isn’t hazardous for short visit. The danger is when an individual touches eradicated pieces that were left there during the melt down. Due to this tourists to the site are requested to stay away from places that are undisturbed. For this reason, guides carry radiation meter that are used to measure the level of radiation. Their beeping sounds serve as a trigger for impending danger.

How does it feel to be there?

Chernobyl is quite a popular tourist destination as it receives about thirty thousand tourists every year. It has some amazing spots for photos. It can feel a bit crowded at times but this depends entirely on the time of year you make your visit.


Taking a tour to Chernobyl is definitely a fulfilling and fascinating experience as it opens your mind to a world that existed a long time ago. It also acts as a strong reminder of the devastation and loss especially to those who have a connection to the place. If you are keen on learning about one of the major events of the 20th century, then you should make the trip. You will get to know about the political and scientific repercussions of the melt down.

Though short trips are entirely safe, it is critical that you give a listening ear to your guide as they have more knowledge and experience with the area. Due to this, they will ensure that no danger comes your way. It is critical that you stay with your guide for the entire tour.

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