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by on January 5, 2021

Facebook is the natural target of hackers and people who don’t like your work. Everyone here targets the person who is on upwards trend with their accounts of pages. In many situations, Facebook puts a temporary lock on the account and you aren’t able to access it for some time. If you are locked out of your Facebook account, then you’ve come to the right page.

There are many reasons why Facebook locks the accounts and here is the list.

- Your account has been reported for illegal activity - Got Warnings from Facebook - Suspicious Activity

So, when your account is temporarily locked, these are the reasons behind it. And sometimes, Facebook accounts are temporarily locked for security reasons and it happens when someone else tries to access your account too many times.


Here are the things you can try to unlock your temporarily locked Facebook account.

Wait for the punishment Period – You can wait for a specific period to access your account back again. For that, you will have to wait for 96 hours before you are even trying to login to your account. And this case is only valid when it has locked your account for security reasons.

However, if your account is locked intentionally by Facebook as a punishment, then you may have to resort to something else.

Submit An Appeal – You can submit an appeal to the Facebook team for the restoration of the Facebook account. You need to open the Facebook help page ‘My personal account was disabled’ and then fill out the details. Complete the details and then attach a government ID for verification and they will unlock the account.

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