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If you are looking for the best Pediatric and Neonatal care in Hyderabad, we can help. Kids Docs Clinics has become a community that sets the pace of a new standard. We want to be the doctor of choice for your child or kids! We provide the best care in the Hyderabad especially when it comes to your kids. Dr Babu Medehal is known for his “patient first” approach to medicine and groundbreaking treatments. He is sought after for his unmatched Neonatal and Pediatric care in Hyderabad. Dr Medehal is driven by his love for child care and innocence and believes in a culture of health excellence. He is the best paediatrician in Hyderabad. For the best neonatal and pediatric care for your child in Hyderabad, Kids Docs Clinic is your one-stop solution. Let’s understand what neonatal and pediatric care is and when does your child need it. What is Pediatric and Neonatal care? Paediatrics is a branch of healthcare that appeals to babies, children, and adolescents. A paediatrician’s job starts right after birth. In some scenarios such as intrauterine growth restriction, preterm delivery, congenital malformations, low birth weight, or a sick newborn, a special branch of paediatrics known as Neonatology comes into play. The special branch of medicine, also known as Neonatal Intensive Care Units, allows a newborn to survive and persist external conditions that it cannot naturally cope with. When should you see a paediatrician for your child? A paediatrician does more than prescribe for the disease, he helps your child live and thrive. In a world where natural conditions are not very conducive to healthy living, a paediatrician takes into account whether their patients are premature and their openness to medications and treatments. They monitor the medications and treatments that newborns are normally more sensitive to as compared to adults. A strong functional difference remains in the way adults absorb medications and the way a child’s stomach reacts to the same medicines. There are specific enzymes inside a human body that determine the rate of absorption of any drug. Because of the higher rate of gastric emptying in infants, the absorption rate is relatively low. Therefore, it is recommended that you visit the paediatrician at any point where your child shows any unusual symptoms. It is also recommended that you go for routine pediatric visits, at least until the child is 10 years old. When does your newborn baby need Neonatal care? In the case of premature delivery or scenarios such as intrauterine growth restriction, congenital malformations, low birth weight, or a sick newborn, the baby should be treated in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit until he/she gets used to the harsh conditions of the current world. Unlike other branches of medicine that focus on a specific organ system, neonatology surrounds the general well-being of the baby. Some neonatologists may keep a baby under observation even after being released from the NICU to better evaluate its growth trajectory. Many scientific studies and research are ongoing to advance our knowledge of this patient population. Kids Docs Clinic – Best Neonatal and pediatric care clinic in Hyderabad Dr Babu Medehal, the best paediatrician in Hyderabad is highly dedicated to the field of Paediatrics and Neonatology. Dr Babu Medehal is very well trained and an expert in general and cosmetic dermatological procedures. He has more than 12 years of experience. He has successfully treated thousands of patients in Hyderabad and has been successfully running her clinic by the name of Kids Docs Clinic for several years now. Under his able guidance, the whole team of Kids Docs Children’s Clinic stays up to date with all advancements in Pediatrics and Neonatology. Children, up to eighteen years of age can get ensured treatments at Dr Medehal’s Kids Docs Clinic. Dr Medehal is very well known for his clinical skills and, under his sharp observations, the quality of treatment and patient safety is never compromised. Dr Medehal, a child specialist and paediatrician in Hyderabad, uses a personalized and result-driven approach to his practice. Every child is treated with compassion using the latest advances in diagnosis, treatment, and research. Every treatment plan is customized that offers the best care and nourishment to the children. A qualified Neonatologist & Pediatrician can diagnose and suggest the appropriate treatment for your child and will help to carry out the procedure safely and correctly. Dr Babu Medehal has over 12 years of experience in neonatology and paediatrics. Our ultimate aim is to provide your child with the most effective neonatal and pediatric care and treatment to help your child live and thrive. Connect with us to choose the best Neonatal and Pediatric care in Hyderabad your child. For more information: Call us at +91 9059543782 Write to us at Visit Us at: Pillar number 1484, 8-3-318/10/2 Adj. Radha Nursing Home, Yousufguda Main Rd, Opp. Allahabad Bank, Hyderabad, Telangana 500073
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