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by on January 12, 2021
The digital transformation within companies is a win - win reality and at the same time a challenge. In the case of doctor's offices, hospitals and clinics, it has proven to be an even more problematic environment for IT managers, when a breach can mean the exposure of very confidential data. The risks of data hijacking in the health segment Virtual crimes and threats are always present in the routine of a technology professional. Information leakage, denial of service attacks, ransomware are all dangers lurking around any corporate system in increasingly digital businesses. But in this article the subject is more complicated. The hijacking of data in the health sector or the mere compromise of information can have far more serious consequences than a financial report without sufficient data or a document on exclusive production processes. The IT professional in this sector is dealing with the lives of patients who depend on their medical records for proper treatment. A balance between quick access and security What is the real extent of this challenge? The problem starts with the value of this information to hackers. Due to the importance and confidentiality of these documents, medical records and medical reports are of great value in the illicit market and, for this reason, they are highly targeted. But the biggest risk comes from your side of that equation. A simple answer to the problem would be to limit access as much as possible and create more protection loved ones within the system that would make life more difficult for criminals, but this is not always possible. For their purpose, these documents need to be available for quick access by many people. The speed with which a medical record is accessed can be the difference between medication at the right time and the loss of a life. The Field Service Technician delivers the service and customer assistance during field visits as per the client’s requirements. Therefore, information security within the healthcare segment needs to work in a very delicate balance, of high security with high availability. For professionals working in the sector, the way in which this balance is reached is what guarantees success or takes risk to patients.
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