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When you are creating an ecommerce app, your biggest aspiration is to see customers breeze past your app with big purchases. That is the big reason you start an ecommerce store. Nothing would give an ecommerce entrepreneur more joy than seeing rising sales.

With most of online shopping shifting to mobile devices, apps are the new medium of ecommerce. Making more sales on ecommerce apps is all about streamlining the general sales journey of your customer. You need to understand the steps your customers have to take before making a purchase. Improving each step will enhance your conversion rate and thus enhance sales.

More and more companies are launching their own ecommerce apps. Tools like the AppMySite WooCommerce mobile app builder enable you to create premium ecommerce apps for both Android and iOS platforms within minutes. With development simplified and competition rising, it is important to enhance app experience and retention.

One of the best ways to both enhance app experience and grow sales is optimizing the checkout page. Here are some crucial tips you can use to streamline the checkout page of your mobile app.

# 1 - Try to create one-step checkout

One of the simplest ways to ensure a smooth checkout is creating a one-step process.

A one-step checkout simply refers to a complete streamlining of the final step of a sale. Users generally have to go through 2-3 steps during the checkout stage. These steps include the entering of the billing address, choice of payment, shipping method, and more.

Going through so many steps is naturally something your customers would rather avoid. This is especially true when people are making an instinctive purchase and could be swayed into abandoning the process in a split second.

The solution is to create a one-step checkout process. A number of payment gateways these days allow end users to enter their payment details and address on the same page. PayPal is one example of such a payment gateway.

While creating a checkout page for your ecommerce app, look for payment gateways that meet your exact requirements. This means firstly identifying payment gateways that enable you to create a one-step checkout process.

The checkout process is a requirement. It is best to compress it to a few steps rather than elongating it for benign data collection reasons.

# 2 - Remove unnecessary fields

The fastest way to irk your customers during checkout is asking them information you don’t need to complete the order.

To complete a general online order, only the following details are necessary-
  • Customer name
  • Customer email address
  • Shipping address
  • Customer mobile number

Beginners in ecommerce often add other fields unnecessarily, such as alternative mobile number, customer middle name, date of birth, and a number of other useless details. It is important to carefully study the checkout process and remove all the unnecessary fields.

It is also a good idea to automate some of the fields. For instance, if customers select the United States as their country while entering the address, you already know their country code. It thus makes sense to automatically show the country code when your customers are entering their mobile number.

Enabling guest checkout during this stage is also a good idea. This clears the unnecessary hurdle of making your customers log-in to your mobile app.

# 3 - Progress bar

The progress bar simply shows how close customers are to completing a purchase. It is a useful addition in the checkout stage for two reasons - it informs users the number of steps left and it signals customer success.

The latter point is extremely crucial. Your customers should feel happy about making a purchase. It is the only way they will keep coming back to your app to make a purchase again.

The progress bar signals customer success and gamifies the purchase process. Users feel satisfied as they complete each step and watch their progress. Ecommerce companies naturally want their customers to feel the same way as it ensures more conversions and sales.

The trick with progress bars is not to overdo them. If your progress bar shows more than four steps, you basically risk deflating customer experience with a long checkout process. Make sure you only show four steps or less when adding a progress bar to the checkout.

How does AppMySite help you customize checkout?

AppMySite now provides support for the WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor plugin. Support for the plugin will help anyone who uses the Checkout Field Editor plugin.

Source: WooCommerce

Let’s assume you have customized your checkout page of your WooCommerce Store with the plugin. The WooCommerce app you built on the AppMySite app creator online will reflect the same checkout page. You do however need to make sure the app is built with code version 1.4.0 or higher.

The plugin helps you customize the checkout fields of two main pages - billing and shipping. You can create an additional page to customize your checkout page. This additional page appears after billing and shipping next to the order notes.

The main advantage of using this plugin for your WooCommerce store is that you use it to simultaneously alter the checkout of your app. You can thus create a great checkout for both your online store and mobile app together.

The plugin enables users to perform a number of functions such as customizing fields, creating new fields, validating inputs, adding placeholder values, and more. In conclusion

Checkout is a crucial part of a purchase journey. Even your best laid plans to enhance home screen design and discovery to convert customers can fall flat with a bad checkout screen. It takes a lot of effort to bring customers to checkout. Thus, you must do everything possible not to lose customers during checkout.

This piece covers three interesting tips you can use to enhance checkout on your ecommerce app. If you use a free online app maker like AppMySite, you can simply customize checkout experience with the Checkout Field Editor plugin. Click here to know more about customizing the checkout page of your app with the plugin.
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