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by on January 13, 2021
Shimmerscreen’s Flexible Design Language Makes Ball Chain Curtains a Versatile Standout The effect is striking. Spanning the impressive open expanse of the Air Garden at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), a colourful art installation draws the eye up the seven-storey atrium. Dreamed up by designers Ball-Nogues Studio, the whimsical public installation is a highlight of the busy terminal, with a flowing body of curtain that unfurls in a playful and kinetic swirl.To get more news about ball chain curtain, you can visit mesh-fabrics official website. Supplied by New York-based ShimmerScreen, the installation defines its space with a light but declarative touch. “The reflective qualities of the bead chain, that form the catenaries, create a sense of vastness through the play of light in space. Each one is a miniature convex mirror, capturing light from all corners of the space as well as from the adjacent balls,” the designers explain. On the other end of the spectrum, the effect can be subtle. At the reception area for a major Cisco office, the ball chain curtain frames the contours of the space with a light, translucent presence. The installation creates a permeable and breathable sense of separation between two spaces. Seamlessly fitting into the design language of its surroundings, ShimmerScreen’s ball chain curtain is a functional aesthetic highlight that helps set the ambiance while quietly delineating discrete spaces. All the while, the place retains a sense of openness. For ShimmerScreen, the two very different projects epitomize the ball chain technology’s impressive versatility. An offering of the world’s largest manufacturer of ball chain and related accessories – Ball Chain Manufacturing – ShimmerScreen provides designers and artists with a wealth of styles, textures and colours to draw from. It shows.From small residential installations to a variety of commercial, institutional and hospitality settings – as well as public art pieces – ShimmerScreen’s stylistically adaptable products set the tone in a wide range of spaces.Look closely, and you can find ShimmerScreen in Michael Kors store displays across the United States. Creating a sleek backdrop that frames the products on display, 3/16″ nickel-plated steel curtains quietly reinforce a design-forward identity for the multinational fashion brand.
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