by on January 13, 2021
Similar situation with Nook Miles Ticket my friends family. Three of these initially shared an island and debates over villagers and spacing occured. Her sister and mom ended up getting their own Switches in order that they could have their very own islands. My wife bought a Switch Lite way back in April after viewing me playing it. Was fun playing with it together for a while, especially during quarantine using a brand new baby.The cafe was the ideal aspect of any other match. I just fucking miss going to cafes guy.... Is an electronic one in a kid's game a lot to ask for? This is one of the biggest problems I have with this game. We live on a frickin island and may travel to other arbitrary islands, and SOMEHOW we're bored by that. Tortimer Island had unique fish and cheap Animal Crossing Bells bugs, and you could do different actions (I recall a balloon popping contest?) . There was unique gameplay that was not current on the mainland. ACNH islands are dull.
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