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by on January 13, 2021
ShopWildThings Chain Curtain LYNX Aluminum Bright Silver Our Chain Curtains are made to order here in the U.S., right here at ShopWildThings in Arizona. We know you've seen these Aluminum Chain Curtains in restaurants, clubs and high end homes. Now is your chance to get the look for less with ShopWildThings. We've been working for two years to bring these to our product line and they are finally here, they are totally fabulous.To get more news about ball chain curtain, you can visit mesh-fabrics official website. Each curtain features 68 strands of chain. These are not just fabulous. They are so rad that we are putting them everywhere we can think of. You can use them as a room divider, in a window or in a doorway. The chain links themselves are 22mm tall (not quite an inch). We have designed a very cool header rod with holes drilled out from which each chain hangs. The header rod is silver aluminum (very heavy duty) and measures 35" wide. The rod is 2" tall and each strand is 72" long for a total overall length of 74" long. If this is too long, simply remove some links. HGTV's hottest designer, David Bromstad, did a huge custom installation in the House of Rock in Santa Monica, California using our chain curtains. Use beaded curtains to hang in a window, in a doorway, for weddings and events, as a room divider, or in retail locations as a cool window display. All strands are hanging from one rod. To cover wider areas, just hang more beaded curtains next to each other. ShopWildThings provides beaded curtains to the hottest names in the event decor, movie and television industries.
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