by on January 13, 2021
Yunmai Ab Roller Wheel adopts a four-wheel structure to avoid injury, and the handle of the wheel can load 200 kg, which is suitable for people with various weights to exercise.

The upgraded design, safer experience
Yunmai has upgraded to a four-wheel structure design which evenly disperses the supporting force of the abdomen. The anti-slip texture of the wheel ensures the abdomen wheel securely makes contact with the ground, reducing the shaking when moving and preventing user injury.

Non-slip and silent wheels
The wheel surface is made of a multi-layered, strengthened environmentally friendly PVC material. This material is non-slip, wear-resistant and is not easy to break. Due to the material, it will also not produce harsh noises and will avoid scratching the floor.

Comfortable and durable handle
The handles are made of a thick, stainless-steel tube, with thick foam wrapped around it. It is comfortable and durable to grip, not easy to deform, and the weight can hold 200 kg, which is suitable for people of various weights to exercise.

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