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by on January 19, 2021

Are you an athlete?

If yes, you’d be able to identify with the problems and aches and pains that these professionals have to endure on a daily basis. It is no easy task to be running miles and meters to the finish line or even be training in the wee hours of the morning

As a massage centre, HealthCure Massage took it on as our prime objective to ease an athlete’s life.


A massage.

The aches and pains never end

As athletes, the body is subjected to a range of overtaxing exercises and drills. The joints are pushed to their maximum and various changes take place in the body physique in order to adjust to this way of life.

Among the various physical ailments that athletes suffer from, the most common ones are:


The muscles and tendons in the body are flexible. In athletes, this property of theirs is exploited and these tissues are made to stretch to a great extent resulting in strains and pains.

A deep tissue massage therapy can work wonders on a strained muscle.


These are often seen in ligaments of the body. Ligaments connect two bones and when these are caused to move in a direction that they are not accustomed to, it results in a sprain.

Sprains can be painful and may even require immobilisation of that part of the body.

Back pain

However professional and experienced and well-trained an athlete is, back pain is a phenomenon that just cannot be avoided.

Due to the strenuous nature of sports, there is bound to be a significant strain on the muscles of the lower back and the spinal column, which over a period of time can result in inflammation and pain.

A lower back deep tissue massage heals the constrictions and friction between the tissues in this area and can improve a sports person’s performance. Why does an athlete need a sports massage in Auckland?

Everyone does need a massage from time-to-time. More so in the case of athletes. The body has a breaking point, beyond which if it is pushed, it will start to crumble. This manifests in the form of aches, injuries, etc.

For optimal performance, it is best if an athlete gets a massage monthly so as to charge the body and get it ready to deliver.

HealthCure Massage has a team of therapists who understand the body and know which areas need the pressure relieved. From an athlete’s point of view, the benefits are as follows:

Range of motion is increased and flexibility of the joints improves. This enables an athlete to push the boundaries and excel.

Inflammation is reduced in the areas of trauma. This is because deep tissue massage therapy creates more mitochondria in the affected areas, thus causing oxygen and energy to be supplied to these hurt areas.

Pain is relieved, as the tension between the underlying tissues is eased. Thus, friction is neutralised and blood flow is improved.

Helps ease mental problems such as depression. The mental health of an athlete is as important as his physical health. Studies have shown that a massage promotes the release of feel-good chemicals into the bloodstream and thus improves mood.

Improves sleep quality. As an athlete, adequate sleep is one of the simplest ways of achieving good health. Due to busy schedules, and training times it is often hard to train the body into a sleeping pattern.

A deep tissue massage therapy clears lactic acid buildup

While exercising, the body’s muscles need to constantly be supplied with energy. A way to do this is to breathe. Respiration through the lungs is called aerobic respiration, as it provides oxygen to the body.

However, the respiration that takes place in the muscles during exercise is called anaerobic respiration and instead of oxygen, the by-product here is lactic acid. However, this causes cramping and a burning sensation if it is stored for too long in the reserves.

A massage helps clear out the lactic acid.

We devise the massage technique that suits you best. An experienced team of professionals is here to focus on giving you the best therapy in Auckland.

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