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staffing agencies

Finding a qualified workforce, a capable manager or even "just" a cleaner is often a big problem for companies in many fields and professions. The reason is several factors that cause that while some professions are in surplus on the labor market, others are desperately short of. There is a time when people worked in the same field they studied. The first indication that this problem will arise in the future is, for example, the closure of certain fields of study.

As opposed to attempting to do it yourself 'internal', a temporary staffing agencies can pinpoint the best applicants for your demands and also do away with candidates who may not be ideal. Profits: a good staffing organization will definitely deliver well-vetted individuals that could add excellent market value to your company.

However, medium-sized companies know this well. For example, narrowly specialized companies, which have sales mainly abroad and do not need to advertise on the market, have a problem finding qualified specialists only because the bidder prefers a better-known company with a better image. In addition, companies are increasingly looking for candidates for highly specialized technical positions, especially in manufacturing companies in the field of engineering and electronics, but also for masters, economists and accountants with knowledge of foreign languages. If you are one of them, it pays to contact a specialized personnel company.

Staffing agencies

Whereas a few years ago the applicant personally went around the personnel department of specific companies or employment offices, today he simply turns to the agency with his CV. Even for companies, the current situation is simpler: they do not have to worry about selection interviews, at the request of the company, the agency can subject the candidate to language, psychological or other tests verifying his abilities and skills. However, the only stumbling block is the price, especially for small businesses. The agency's fees are quite high, hovering around 1 to 3 times the applicant's starting salary.

The effectiveness of finding a suitable candidate by the agency varies greatly depending on the region in which the company operates, how specialized the position is and so on. The success rate of recruiting new employees by a recruitment agency is usually between 50-95%. On the other hand, outsourcing staff can also bring cost savings. The company can focus on its main activity and not bother with CV processing and pre-selection of candidates.

You must give the agency a clear task

In order for the staffing agency to find you a suitable staff member, good cooperation is extremely important. You must give the specialized company a clear assignment of who you are looking for, what team you have, your corporate culture and the expected development, so that there is no later disillusionment on both sides. The agency will pay you special if:

* You want to catch a new brain

Not happy with your top manager and would you like a new leader? The agency can target experienced candidates, which is popularly called "dragging people". The agency selects potential employees in advance from companies in the same field in which the client operates. These candidates themselves are not actively looking for a new job, but the offer can appeal to them so much that they decide to change employers.

* You want to take on temporary staff

If you need to employ a certain number of workers for a limited time and then ensure the flexibility of this workforce, the agency is the ideal choice.

* You have gotten into the bottlenecks

This type of service is used by companies that have to reduce the number of workers due to organizational or other changes. The task of the staffing agency is to prepare all "affected" groups of workers for the redundancy process, to support them mentally and to provide professional help in finding a new job.

* You do not want to engage in human resources at all

It is used by companies trying to limit activities that are not related to its normal activities. If it is clear to you that hundreds of candidates would apply, enter the selection with the Agency.

Choose wisely

Of course, when choosing an agency, look at its references, history, and experience. But beware: just because an agency has excellent experience in finding top managers does not mean that it will find you a qualified worker. Always give preference to a company that has experience in searching in the field in which you work and in finding the professions you need. You know: measuring twice rather than getting burned and wasting tens of thousands of crowns unnecessarily. 

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