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by on January 21, 2021

Curtains and drapes play so many important roles in our homes. In addition to their architectural appeal, they offer some wonderful functional advantages—hindering or filtering light, insulation, privacy, and others. But you need to be careful when it comes to choosing ideal drapes for your home. Check out some important tips to measure windows for curtains and drapes correctly.  

Decide on the Mounting Style

When you start measuring your windows for curtains, you should define your mounting style. Deciding on the hanging techniques will help you choose the ideal curtain rods and other required accessories. Every mounting technique comes with a different aesthetic appeal. While browsing the internet in search of some answers to “how to install curtains,” you will see many experts suggesting to be very careful in choosing the mounting style. 

Mounting Curtains from Outside: Mounting curtains from outside is a common technique that creates a chic and luxurious appeal, as well as gives the impression of a larger window size. If you want to install a complete window covering, outside-mount curtains and drapes can be the best solution for you.

Mounting Curtains from Inside: Since inside-mount curtains are not as common as the outside-mount technique, however this is another option you can choose for your room. It brings in a specific aesthetic appeal due to the curtain rods and accessories used in inside-mount draperies. Unlike the outside-mount technique, it doesn’t offer a complete covering to your window.

Decide on the Rod Length

Before you move forward to finding solutions to “how to measure windows for curtains,” you need to determine the rod length. Generally, curtain rods are extended by 3 - 6 inches more than the window frame. However, you need to focus on some important aspects to get it customized to your specific requirements.

Below are some important factors to consider while determining the ideal length of your curtain rods.

Inside Trim Mount: For reorganized and custom-made window treatments, you should choose the curtain rods featuring a protective end cap with decorative elements. It adds to the curve appeal of your window in a specific manner.

Below Trim Mount: If your window frame has attractive molding on the top, you should install the curtain rod below the trim. It allows you to display the craftsmanship of the entire window frame and curtain hardware.

Select the curtain rods that measure 3-5 inches more than the width of the window—it creates a wider look.

Above Trim Mount: The ideal length of a curtain rod should usually measure about 6-12 inches above the frame length. A Curtain should be installed about 15-20 inches above the frame to create a lengthened look—it adds to the overall arch appeal of your window treatments.     

Measurement for Width and Length:

The fullness you select for your windows will highlight the aesthetic attraction you want to achieve for your window treatments. Fuller curtains create a chic appearance for your windows, whereas the short width curtains help you create a personalized aesthetic appeal for your room.

While searching for “how to measure curtain length,” you will see so many measurement options for trendy window treatments. But before you decide on a particular measurement, you should reach out to an expert designer for a detailed consultation. 

The length of the curtains you decide for your window treatments finally rely on the mounting technique you choose for your curtains. You should first use the measurement tape at the top of the window frame to measure the length required for your curtains. 




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