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Greek civilization is one of the most influenced civilizations in human history. It changed our societies in many ways. Their mythology, culture, and historical heritage crossed borders. 

The snake is an animal that has a religious symbolism for many civilizations. And for Greeks, the snake symbolizes life and rebirth. Antiquity has left us several artifacts of snakes, including representation in the form of jewelry. 

Why Designers use Snake Image?

In addition to the symbolism associated with the snake, its long and elongated shape, interlaced or rolled up, makes it a subject of choice for its loyalty or symbolic reproduction on the wrist, finger, arm, necklace, or earrings. 

For Greek jewelry designers, the snake is a subject of choice that can be redrawn numerous times, twisted, and folded without ever distorting the subject of the reference. That is the main reason that you find the snake in all forms of jewelry. 

Here are some of the different types of custom-made snake jewelry in precious metal.

1.    Snake Arm Bracelet

For the Greeks, the snake symbolized protection, and the snake's molt symbolized the renewal of life. The snake theme is ideal for making arm bracelets, wrapped around the snake with one or more turns. 

2.    Snake Rings

The snake is also represented in the form of a ring. There are usually two types of snake rings: Open design and Ouroboros.

In the open design, the snake’s body wavy and is wrapped around the finger. The open-design snake ring is easy to adjust whenever required. However, the Ouroboros snake ring design is not adjustable. In this type of ring design, the snake bites its own tail, a symbol that has appeared for thousands of years.

3.    Snake Pendant 

The snake is also suitable for making pendants. In Greek Mythology, the Caduceus of the god Hermes is made up of two snakes intertwined on a laurel stem and overhung by two wings. On the other hand, the staff of Asclepius, who symbolizes the medical profession, is made of a snake wound on a wooden stick. 

It is, therefore, common to see the snake pendants represented as a snake wound on various forms of jewelry. 

4.    Snake Bracelet

The snake is represented in jewelry in the form of bracelets. Typically, the bracelet with an opening mechanism represents a snake set with stones and covered with enamel. 

How much money you can spend on custom-made Greek jewelry plays a pivotal role in which item you can buy. A budget that suits you financially can help you organize your search and optimize your chances of finding the perfect jewelry.

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