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If you have already had something to eat or drink, the effects will appear later and will be less noticeable. In our magic truffle shop we offer 11 different kinds of freshbox magic truffles, or sclerotia. Also known as philosophers stones, magic truffles are a hallucinogenic product from mother nature. Get ready to enter the magic world of psilocybe cubensis mushrooms. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to buy ready-to-use shrooms. You’ll have to get them via a shroom grow kit on this page. Within roughly 3 weeks, you’ll have your own high-quality, potent shrooms. So, it’s not actually necessary to buy shrooms that are ready for eating. If you want the most out of your magic truffle experience, you should consume them on an empty stomach. Chew them well, so that specific substances can become active. Magic mushrooms are an exclusive product for people of legal age and they are not recommended for pregnant women or people with mental problems. You must also differentiate between mushrooms and truffles, both containing the same active ingredient, but in different quantities. Truffles are sclerotia that develop during the formation of the fungus, some people think they are softer than buy liberty caps, but it must be said that theycan be very powerful. Before taking your magic trip we advise to take care of a couple things. We want you to have the best experience possible when enjoying our magic truffles! Our products are 100% natural as are we humans so they affect each individual differently. Download world's first handbook for the magic truffle fan. The perfect preparation before eating truffles or mushrooms! We definitely recommend taking the time to consider all of the options. From experience, we can say that we are confident this will help you choose the best mushroom for you, which will only increase your experience with them. For sale and possession, hallucinogenic mushrooms may be treated as psylocin. Illegal of 1 september 2008, the new 1st section of the 50th chapter of the penal code specially prohibits growing psilocybe mushrooms. Illegal possession of drugs for personal use and cultivation of plants and mushrooms containing a narcotic or psychotropic substance "In a small quantity" are excluded from criminal prosecution.
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