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by on February 23, 2021

Okay, you’re a part or full-time trader now — congratulations! But are you 100% sure you’re squeezing everything out of your potential? Here is a bunch of reasons why upgrading your trading account to VIP is an excellent idea.

  1. A Bigger Slice

Having a VIP trading account basically implies that you’re serious about your goals. You’re not just a random trader, you are a legit partner of the brokerage firm. And they are willing to do anything to keep you by their side for a long time:

  • Lower the commission.
  • Offer higher limits per trade.
  • Provide a VIP insurance policy.

As a result, you have a chance to increase your profits compared to what you’d gain with a regular account.

  1. Advising

VIP traders get plenty of analytical assistance. Your account will be chaperoned by a professional analyst who’s willing to share their experience, insight and understanding of the unpredictable market world.

Besides, more advanced algorithms, detailed reviews, forecasts and thematic news will be at your disposal all the time. You won’t have to dissect the quirks and volatility of the stock market or Forex single-handedly anymore.

  1. Training

VIPs get access to exclusive webinars, lectures, sessions and tutorials. Top traders will exchange knowledge, tips and tricks as well as make valuable acquaintances. It won’t just impact your trading skills positively, but also, like Sesame, networking will magically open up to you.

  1. New Strategies

Trading is impossible without a proper strategy. A VIP account is a key to a whole treasury of such plans that you can apply to your benefit. Why assemble a bike yourself when you can grab one that’s been in many races and start pedaling to your goals and dreams right away?

Using these strategies is like copying a portfolio of a successful trader. Tactics and strategies are taken from the best of the best, so chances for loss are minimized. Besides, you can customize these strategies according to your vision anytime.

  1. Lower Risk

Some brokers encourage their newly baked VIP clients with risk-free trades. Basically, once in a while you will be granted to trade real options, stock, currency, and so on without fearing to lose your money — the broker will restore your initial deposit in case of failure.

But don’t forget: it’s not a demo account. Your tools will be real money and assets. Besides, even a risk-free trade can be commissioned. (In both scenarios).    

Who Wants to Be a VIP

As you can see, a VIP trading account has a wealth of valuable features. It won’t make you a genius trader, at least overnight. But its tools, perks and bonuses will certainly make your market career better and safer.

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