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The neck or cervical spine has been designed to handle a significant amount of stress. However, various degenerative changes can occur in the discs and vertebrae resulting in neck pain and other symptoms. If you are experiencing a painful neck injury or any unexplained pain, you should consider visiting a pain specialist. The specialist team at the Center for the Functional Restoration of the Spine provides all-inclusive pain management healthcare through distinct treatment plans to help you get relief from your pain.  For treatment or consultation about neck pain in Shrewsbury, call or schedule an appointment online today.

What Are the Causes of Neck Pain?

Neck pain and other symptoms along the cervical spine are a common issue for lots of adults in America. Muscle strain due to poor neck posture or overuse is one of the major causes of neck pain. Nevertheless, chronic neck pain often shows a severe underlying condition that affects the health of your neck. These conditions might include nerve compression, arthritis, degenerative disc disease, or herniated disc. When aging, the vertebrae and discs start to degenerate, causing the pain to worsen or causing numbness down into your shoulders and arms. Chronic neck pain might also be caused by a traumatic injury such as a vehicle accident, fall, or sports-related injuries. At the Center for the Functional Restoration of the Spine, you will be attended by professional staff who offer informative and high-quality neck pain care.

How Is Neck Pain Diagnosed?

Many people have acute neck pain that does not require treatment or is treatable with painkillers. Medics will mostly advise for treatment if the pain affects your daily activities. After studying your lifestyle, profession, and health history, the doctor will examine your neck for signs of tenderness and swelling. You might be requested to make specific neck movements to define the range of your neck litheness and motion. You may be required to get X-rays or MRI of the soft neck tissues and cervical spine for a precise diagnosis.

What are the Neck Pain Treatment Options Available?

Depending on the period you have been experiencing neck pain and the severity of the pain, doctors recommend various treatments. The doctor may also give you anti-inflammatory and anesthetic medications to relieve pain and inflammation to help you engage in physical therapy. They might also endorse spinal decompression, a treatment method that uses computer technology to apply force to your spinal discs and relieve pressure on the nerves. Other forms of treatment include rest, osteopathic manipulation massage therapy, exercise, and neck braces. If the medicines do not work, the doctor might endorse surgery to repair the cause of neck pain. The team at the Center for the Functional Restoration of the Spine is well experienced in all the treatments you may require to restore your normal neck health.

To sum up, if you are in or around Shrewsbury and are worried about your neck pain and whether it requires treatment, you should schedule an evaluation with the Center for the Functional Restoration of the Spine. They have experienced physicians who will help you develop an individualized treatment plan that meets your unique symptoms and needs.  Contact them today by phone or online to find out more about the available neck pain solutions.

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