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by on March 5, 2021
Hi guys. You know what Marketing is . But what is Online Marketing ? Online Marketing is advertising and marketing the products or services of a business over internet. In Online Marketing, you can promote the products and services via websites,blogs,email,social media forums ,PPC and Apps. What On Line Marketing can do for the entrepreneurs? Market Research This helps you in enhancing your market understandings such as Reviewing your website traffic. Reviewing your Ad conversion rates. Review the queries asked by your existing customer. Identify your customer’s pain point. Compiling FAQs. Keyword Research and SEO friendly Website This helps you in choosing a correct and a relevant set of key words fully focusing on the pain points of the customers,appropriate & eye catching titles,meta descriptions,web site speed,links etc. for designing a crisp and persuasive advertisement. Web Analytics This identifies actionable insight and necessary changes into your web site. Online Advertising This helps in placing crisp, simple and tempting Ads on your website and on your smart phones so as to help your business grow. Social Media Marketing This will help the entrepreneurs in creating their brand on social media platforms such as Google plus, Linkdin,Pinterest,Twitter,Face book,Email etc. It assures that you remain connected to the existing or potential customers , build awareness about the products and services and create interest in the minds of the customers. Content and Blog Marketing This helps in creating and sharing various content and blogs so as to attract and retain customers. Internet Forums This will facilitate in creating message boards for online discussions. Online Marketing is hassle free ,reachable to maximum percentage of purchasing populace, is easier to setup,run, monitor and the results are trackable and measurable . It is considered cheaper in comparison to print marketing and advertising on TV &Radio.
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