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by on March 15, 2021
The most used item in the packaging industry worldwide is plastic packaging. Just think of it, can you remember a day when you did not open or use some form of plastic packaging? Even though there is huge pressure to reduce the use of plastics across a wide section of society, the fact remains that until viable, cheap, and biodegradable alternatives can be manufactured, then we will continue to have to use a lot of it in packaging.

Plastic packaging comes in thousands of forms. Just a few are listed below.

In factories it can take the form of shrink wrap for securing loads on to pallets, these goods in turn, may be strapped down with tough plastic strapping. It can be used in the form of storage bins holding items ready for the shop floor to assemble. There are not many areas in a modern factory where you will not come across some form of it in use.

The pharmaceutical industry produces millions of plastic items daily, from blister tablet packs, tablet boxes, pots for holding medicines, and plastic is also used widely for sealing sterile items - Just to name a few. In many of these cases it will be years before an alternative to plastic packaging can be considered.
In the high street a very high percentage of items we buy have some form of plastic packaging incorporated into them, be it a secure pricing tag, a DVD case or waterproof watch box.
This type of packaging is used in far more areas of our lives than I could ever list here. It is so widely used, as it is cheap and very durable, and it can be mass-produced easily. It is lightweight, yet protects goods very well, making it the ideal material to protect all sorts of goods whilst in transit.
The uses of it are endless and this is why it remains such a popular choice for packaging materials.

Benefits of Plastic Packaging Boxes

It is ideal for packing items both small and large. And it can be used to mass-produce the packaging for high volume industries, such as the medical industry. It can be made to be highly shock absorbent, it is also lightweight, yet can be made to be extremely tough. It can be prone to being scratched, but as the majority of this packaging is thrown away after you have opened it then this is rarely an issue.

Another beauty of custom size plastic packaging boxes is the diverse range of shapes it can be made into. Indeed there is not really any other form of packaging that can be made into so many different shapes. This, combined with its ability to protect goods, are probably why it is in such widespread use today.

You can get plastic packaging designed to fit just about any goods you care to mention. Packaging designs can vary from a DVD case, through to a simple plastic wrapper covering a shirt. The uses are endless and there are new variations being produced every day.
The only problem is that it is not an item that tends to get recycled very much, however many packaging companies are working hard on developing "Green" plastics that will be biodegradable.
Some packaging has been re-designed, and replaced with cardboard gift boxes packaging, although such changes take time to filter in to the consumer marketplace. However, plastic packaging will be used for many years to come due to its cost and protective properties.

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