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Creating a fake online identity is not a simple task, neither is it recommended by many. There are various reasons for this, including legal. However, nothing is stopping you from creating a fake online identity to protect yourself from harm or just to be protected from online financial fraud

Many people have asked in the past if there is anything called online anonymity. Thankfully, there it is. There are many tools available today that help you build your identity just like that fake info.

But there are many ways to do this, which can sometimes confuse us as to which option is best. This is why we are going to discuss some methods to create a fake online identity to protect ourselves online from scammers or predators.

How to Create Fake Online Identity

1. Fake Name Generator

This is a well-known service that can create a fake online identity for you. However, you cannot think that just by looking at the website. What I like about this service is the fact that it also allows you to create a fake mailbox in which email is done using Fake Mail Generator.

It can also provide completely new and created information such as physical features, age, address, SSN, birthday, and of course your name. You can generate multiple fake identities and each profile is created using random algorithms.

The service allows you to completely customize your identity by selecting an ethnicity or country to change completely where you come with age. All that is useful about this service is that it can arrange 100,000 identities for you, as much as you want. This identification will be emailed to you.

If you're not using it for a one-time thing and want to keep fake identities intact, the service lets you sign-in with a Google account that can store all identities in one place. Combining all these factors makes it a service that you should investigate.

2. FauxID

This service is quite comparable to Fake Name Generator because it lets you get almost the same fake information in random detection. The fact that FauxID is a beautifully designed website is a factor in thousands of users who use this particular service in favor of others.

As you'd expect, FauxID lets your fake names, phone numbers, email addresses, home addresses, Internet details, employee information, as well as cryptocurrency addresses cover every aspect of a modern-day online identity. If this is not enough for you, this service provides fake credit card numbers, ethnicity, etc. for completely random identification.

One area where this special offering is about the storage of fault-bound identities. There is no option to save your recently created identity. However, FauxID has a dedicated page that shows all recently created identities, including things created by other people. If you are using the same browser/desktop, you may also remember some of your recent fake identities.

But an effective way to save newly created identities is to save each identity or the permalink URL of the record. This is an easy and effective way to keep track of your identity, although the process is a bit harder than a service like Fake Name Generator.

The service also has a bulk identification ordering service on its website, although it has not yet gone live. The service can also generate a QR code with a fake identity created by you. When scanned, it will open the fake identity you have created. Users can also download identities in CSV formats or JSON.

3. Fake ID Generator

This particular service is run by DCode and can create many fake pieces of information. The Fake ID Generator section is, however, fairly basic and fairly straightforward to use. Since it is a website located in France, the only available language options are English and French.

But if you choose French, you will get a completely different identity with a fake French address as well as a randomly generated date of birth. Unfortunately, this device cannot generate additional fake information such as phone number, pin code, height, weight, and the like, which limits its capabilities to some extent.

While some services go through some hoops to download the generated identity to you, the Fake ID generator by DCode has a simple download button on top of each newly created fake identity, which will download the identity in CSV format. While this service is simpler than other offerings, it can certainly work.

4. Fake Person Generator

It is one of the most widespread fake identity-making services that we come across. The reason for this is that it comes with a variety of features, including nuances about personality such as height, weight, blood group, age, weight, as well as a random image. Naturally, the images chosen by Fake Person Generator will come as stock images upon closer inspection, although having such a feature is commendable.

It also generates a fake telephone (landline) number along with a fake mobile number, which creates your fake identity which assures the scammers a lot.

But the service misses some features that can make it a full fake identity tool. The creators of this website do not provide the ability to log in or view previous fake identities created by the user nor does it have the option to create identities in bulk. However, this is most likely because the service also provides images.

The website lets you pick a country, state, gender, and age, or simply select them at random. This particular aspect gives users more control over identity creation.

In addition to all of the above means, which we have discussed, this site offers fake IMEI generators for smartphones, employment information generators, and a whole lot more. Considering all these factors, there is no doubt in our minds that it is one of the best websites for creating fake online identities.


1. What is a fake name?

A pseudonym or aka is a fake name that a person uses instead of their real name. Many people use pseudonyms, including authors (pen names) and artists (stage names).

2. Is it illegal to change your identity?

No. To avoid legal troubles, it is illegal to change your identity from criminal to civilian to financial. You should take an oath that you do not have these things, or that they are completely revealing, and they will investigate.

3. Can you create a new identity?

Changing and starting your identity is a common practice in books and films. But is it possible to do this in real life? The quick answer is that no, you cannot completely erase your identity in this day and age - unless the government does it for you. It is not very difficult to legally change your name.

4. How easy is it to create a new identity?

Although it is possible to create an identity from scratch, it is extremely difficult.It would be a simple matter of identity that he has lived with all his life, and it would also be easy to document the identity under which his birth was registered.

5. Can you use a fake name?

You can use a fake name in almost all situations in day-to-day life, including most Internet situations. Many authors have published books under fake names. Only a very specific times, such as swearing, legal proceedings, etc., should you use your real name.


This article shows you how to throw fake information and what kind of information you can change. Also, how could I do some methods with a fake identity, it not only told you the basic information of name, address, etc. but also tells you the bank details to generate temporary fake mail. The purpose of this article is that the external secret is to hide your identity from the world and escape from the spam world.
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