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The naturopath organic acids test is very effective!

Our diet is composed of proteins.

The chicken, the meats, the organ meats, and so many other foodstuffs that we consume are essentially made up of proteins.

The cycle of the breakdown of these proteins in the body is a complex and crucial one. During the metabolic breakdown process, organic acids are produced as by-products.

This is because the protein structure is made up of organic acids.

Any dysfunctionality in the metabolic process can cause a buildup of organic acids in the body.

I needed an organic acids test in Australia

My Vital Health Solutions is a naturopathy clinic in Melbourne that believes in the natural powers of the body to treat any conditions that are going wrong.

When I visited the clinic for the first time, I was skeptical about whether naturopathy would actually help, whether it was a credible branch of medicine and most importantly whether it would act quickly.

Naturopath Domenic Pisanelli was extremely patient with me and in understanding my condition, he recommended I take a urine organic acids test.

What I discovered during my interaction with the naturopaths in Melbourne

I learnt a lot about naturopathy during my time at My Vital Health Solutions.

Here are a few things:

Naturopathy does not address merely the symptoms but rather the root cause.

There is no magic cure or overnight solution.

Diet and lifestyle are taken very seriously in naturopathy.

The body is treated as a whole instead of a sum of different parts.

The Organic Acid Test Interpretation

Once I took the urine organic acid test, the process was not over.

Unlike what you would expect in modern medicine, such as to be given a couple of pills after taking a test and be allowed to go free, naturopathy is different.

The organic acid test interpretation involved the therapists delving deep and pointing to what exactly must be wrong and where.

They tried to ascertain which metabolic pathway in the body was not performing well and why and what could be the cause for this.

They even charted out a diet to help me with determining the protein levels that were part of my diet.

I am so grateful I took the naturopath organic acids test

When I was in the process of discovering my organic acid levels were high, many people suggested that I might have to give up non-veg food for good.

They told me I would probably never have the chance of eating chicken or my favorite meats and I could not bear to think of that.

However, the naturopaths in Melbourne took care of it!

I do not have to give up my favorite meats.

With a great diet plan in place and exercise and vitamins, life looks pretty good!

I am grateful for naturopathy that helped me get on the right track.

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