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by on March 22, 2021

In this day to day life, you just can’t escape embarrassing media. Whether you were practicing your singing on video or photos or videos which are very personal that you want to watch alone and files you don’t want to share with anyone, there are certain things on your phone you would want to keep private. There are certain tips to hide images and folders on your Android device.

Rocks Player is the best media player to hide videos and personal files in your private folder. It can even lock your personal videos in hidden cabinet sections.

Setting up a Private Space

Creating a private space is one of the most comprehensive ways to hide photos, files and videos on your Android device. It will actually create another version of operating system protected by different fingerprint or password than your main password. It is very vital for parents who don’t want their kids to open certain apps or access certain movies or videos stored in their device. It also comes handy when it comes to handing your device to a curious friend who you don’t trust. Each device has its own options to set it up. Meanwhile, let’s take Huawei P10 as example –

  • Go to Settings Security & Privacy
  • Search for Private Space
  • Set a password by enabling a Private Space
  • To unlock the same, you can use fingerprint
  • You can unlock either your Private Space or Main Space with any other finger
  • Private Space may look as same as default setup and hide all your private videos and pictures from Main Space

Hiding folders from Gallery App

If you hate the stress of setting up the Private Space, you can hide some specific folders having private videos or photos from the Gallery. It is very easy to do so. The options may be available on some other place as per your Android device. Let’s consider an example of EMUI on Huawei devices –

  • Go to the Gallery app and find the folders you need to hide.
  • Tap the menu icon (three dots) and open Settings bubble at the bottom of screen
  • Tap on “Hide albums” and toggles the albums you want to hide or show in Gallery
  • Toggle them back to see them again

Hiding Images with File Transfer

So album covers of all your music files have been downloaded by your music app and hundreds of pictures have been downloaded automatically by WhatsApp. What would you do?

  • Enable file transfer on your smartphone by connecting it to your PC.
  • Go to WhatsApp directory
  • Create empty txt file and rename .nomedia
  • Repeat the same step in music directory
  • Now you can see the result in your media player and gallery app
  • You can now have clean and organized gallery

Even though you can’t access your PC, you can easily rename other files with .nomedia and move the same to where you require the same.

Hiding Individual Videos and Photos on Android

You may want to hand your device over to your friends and family again and again. It is quite unnerving to keep your files private. You can move the same in hidden directory in this case and add the same to .nomedia file.

  • Connect your device to your PC and open file explorer app to enable file transfer
  • Go to DCIM directory
  • Create “.hidden” named folder
  • Create empty text file and rename the same to “.nomedia”
  • Move the desired photos to hide the same in “.hidden”
  • Find out if it has worked in your media player and gallery
  • You can now enjoy your favorite hidden content without any worries

You can also choose separate images to rename so they don’t have dot before the file name. It is a kind of UNIX standard to name files. Files are also named the same way in the Android system which is based on Linux.

You can also find some smartphones having added apps to encrypt files. But you need to consider them with caution. It is always better to use a secure app like Rocks Player which supports several video and audio formats and also has options to lock and hide certain files.

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