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A wire mesh attached to some poles doesn’t give you a picture of security. But chain link fences have proven to be one of the most reliable ways to secure commercial properties. They are widely used in areas where security is a major concern like parking lots, prisons, playgrounds, etc. The best fence company in Jupiter FL can provide the best materials and get the installation done right.


Many homeowners have also started using these fences to keep young children and pets in. They also make for great pool fences. Though residential chain link fences aren’t built to be as sturdy as commercial ones.


If you want to secure your commercial property, here are some reasons to consider chain link fencing:



Chain link is one of the most affordable materials used for fencing. They cost less than other popular materials like PVC or aluminum. Installing them can help you save a lot of money, especially if you need to fence a large area. 


You can make even more savings by doing the installation yourself. Though, you should leave it to the chain link fence companies in Jupiter FL to get the installation done right.



These fences are made of galvanized steel wires weaved into a mesh with diamond-shaped holes. It may not look strong but can take impact and strong winds well. It’s hard to break through because the wires tend to bend rather than break when you press against it. Some fences can be hard to cut through depending on their gauge.


Good For Vigilance

The diamond-shaped holes make these fences nearly transparent. So you can keep watch on what happens on the other side. This is helpful in situations where vigilance is your priority like at a prison or swimming pool. They also prevent would-be intruders from hiding behind panels like they would in the case of solid panels.



If properly maintained, these fences can last for twenty years before you need to replace them. Their flexibility allows them to resist an impact of flying debris. They are made of galvanized steel which consists of a zinc coating that resists rusting for long. You can add to the rust-resistance with a vinyl coating.


Easy To Maintain

It’s not difficult to keep chain link fences tidy. They are water-resistant, so you can hose them and scrub them with soap to get rid of the dirt. The gate hinges need oiling from time to time for smooth functioning. You may also need to apply a rust-resistant coating periodically to prevent rust.



It’s not easy to break through chain link fences because their wires are tough and reinforce each other. These wires are tough to cut through. And because of how the fence is built, the intruder needs a lot of time to cut through them. This puts them at risk of getting caught and deters them from trying.


You can install high fences with barbed wires to deter people from climbing them. High-security areas tend to use electrified fences. But you should check your local laws before adding these features.


Prevents Escape

Chain link fences get in the way of people and animals trying to escape an enclosed area. Other than prisons, this can be useful in school playgrounds to prevent kids from wandering without supervision. It’s why many homeowners tend to use them.


Can Be Customized For Privacy

Privacy is the main reason why many people feel reluctant to use a chain link fence. It is almost transparent, allowing people to see what’s going on in your property. But it’s not an unsolvable issue. If you are concerned about your customer’s privacy, then you can add slats or screens to cover the gaps. 


Quick Installation

Many companies can install chain link fences within a day and in three days at most. It’s because of how simple they are to install. Just schedule the installation during a convenient time slot.

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