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Insurance prices tend to be high for old drivers. But you can still find affordable car insurance in Palm City if you know where to look.

Insurers tend to charge senior citizens on wheels higher because of the risk associated. Seniors above the age of 65 are prone to accidents because of reduced sight, hearing, reflexes, etc.

Despite this, it’s possible to find a reasonably priced policy that covers most of your needs. Here are some tips for senior citizens to buy an affordable car insurance policy:

Look For New Policies

Insurance premiums tend to rise every year when you cross a certain age. If you have reached this point, then it might be time to switch your policy provider.

Different companies charge different premiums and may cover something extra for the additional cost. Find reliable auto insurance agencies in your area and compare their quotes and what they cover.

Take Driving Lessons

Many Palm City insurance companies offer discounts to the insured for taking certain driving courses. Senior citizens can benefit from courses designed for senior citizens.

Driving lessons from groups like the AAA and AARP are recommended. These groups charge a reasonable amount. They cover how aging and medication can affect your driving skills and how to accommodate those changes.

You should check with your state department to find courses licensed by them so that you can avail of discounts.

Ask About Senior Citizen Discounts

Many states require companies to offer discounts to senior citizens. You should ask your insurer about any discounts you might be eligible for. The exact age eligibility may vary from state to state.

Buy Car Cheap To Insure

The kind of car you purchase directly impacts how much premium you pay. So, if you are looking for a new car, then you should get quotes for the models you are considering. You can compare them to find a car that’s cheap to insure.

The cheapest cars to insure are those that are the easiest to repair and replace. Large SUVs tend to add more premium than smaller cars. Additional safety features can help you get more discounts from the insurer.

Protect Your Car

On that note, adding features like anti-theft alarms, disabling devices, etc. can help you get more discounts. They will also help you prevent theft.

In some cases, simpler steps like etching your VIN on your windshield might be enough to avail of discounts.


Consider Mileage-Based Insurance

Many companies charge you based on how many miles you drive. They keep track by installing a meter in your vehicle that lets them keep track of your mileage.


This can help you save on premiums if you don’t drive your car too much. Many of these firms give additional offers for safe driving.


Raise Deductibles But Not Too Much

Many of us tend to opt for the lowest deductible so that most of our costs are covered. But the insurer charges a higher premium for a lower deductible.


Raising your deductible can help you pay less every month or year in premium. Especially if you are a careful driver who doesn’t file too many claims.


Consider your budget when deciding how much to raise the deductible. You should be able to pay the deductible from your pocket in case you need to file a claim.


Bundle Policies

Many insurance firms offer different types of coverages. Getting multiple coverages from the same company can help you save a considerable amount.


It’s common to bundle home and car insurance though you might also add different vehicles like RVs, motorcycles and boats.


Drop Some Coverages

Some coverages might become obsolete as the years pass. For example, if you’ve paid your loan, then you might not need gap insurance on your car.


Similarly, if your car is very old, then it might be cheaper to drop the collision and comprehensive coverages.


If you use your vehicle only part-time, then you might want to switch to parked vehicle or snowbird policies.

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