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Check your levels with a female hormone panel saliva test

You have often heard people tell you to keep your hormone levels in check. These chemical messengers secreted by the endocrine glands in the body are essential to the vital functioning of the body.

They regulate the various processes, help in sexual reproduction, determine the sexual characteristics at puberty and control metabolism.

What is Saliva Testing for Adrenal Hormones?

The adrenal glands present on top of the kidneys are critical to the production of hormones.

They produce a range of different hormones, among them the sex hormones being some of the most important ones.

These adrenal hormones produce their action in different areas of the body. Through the female hormone saliva test, their levels in saliva can be determined to check if there is a spike or reduction in any of these hormones.

Now that you know the vital role of hormones, here are some facts about female hormones that you should get acquainted with.

Saliva testing for adrenal hormones can be done because hormones control multiple different functions

While you may associate estrogen with a hormone that regulates female sexual characteristics, the role of estrogen is much more than that.

It controls bone density, protects against various cancers, and even keeps the skin moist. Thus whatever the hormone, it is never limited to one function. This is also the basis for the hormone being detected in various other regions of the body. A female hormone saliva test can detect levels.

Contaminants can cause your hormones levels to go awry


Hormones are intrinsic to the body, but a slight disturbance in the outer environment can cause the hormones to be thrown off gear.

An example is the phthalates that are present in plastics. These act as endocrine-disruptors and can really get your hormone levels a mess. A hormone imbalance treatment may be what you need.

The female hormone panel saliva test helps determine if your life is in control

Hormones control various aspects of the body but there is a range of factors that control the hormones.

Diet, lifestyle, exercise, materials that one uses in daily life, drinks, habits, and so many other things!

This is where naturopathy comes in. My Vital Health Solutions is a naturopathy clinic in Melbourne that focuses on getting to the root cause of the hormone imbalance and then works on a treatment strategy.

There is no magic cure or overnight solution but rather a therapy based on scientific principles and formulas and stimulating your body’s natural response mechanisms.

The various female hormones are determinants of different phases in a woman’s life

A female hormone panel saliva test is a great help when a woman is experiencing irregular changes in her body.

Estrogen is a hormone that rises during the initial first two weeks of the woman’s menstrual cycle. This causes the uterine lining to thicken.

A female hormone saliva test will measure the estrogen levels at this time. If they are not in range, it would indicate the cause for irregular periods. As a woman goes through life, the estrogen levels begin to drop over time.

This is a cause for women not menstruating after a certain point in time (menopause). As estrogen is responsible for several other protective functions in the body, as its levels decline, women are more prone to various diseases.

Hormone Imbalance Treatment can help when progesterone is playing up

Also known as the pregnancy hormone, levels of progesterone are high during pregnancy. It helps the uterine lining remain thick and is responsible for the various changes in the body emotionally and physically that is seen during pregnancy.

If the saliva testing for adrenal hormones indicates that there is a variation between your levels of progesterone and those of the normal range, it could mean there is something amiss.

Reach out to our naturopathy clinic Melbourne today where naturopath Domenic Pisanelli will get you set with the right approach to get your hormone levels set right.

You are in control of your body.

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