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by on March 29, 2021
Perspex Coffee Table Clear Acrylic Coffee Table
Product classification: Perspex Coffee Table;
Sample: 3-7 working days;
Product name: Perspex Coffee Table Clear Acrylic Coffee Table(;
Size: W250mm x L500mm x H 500mm, oak part is 250mm x 250mm;
Color: crystal clear;
Application: home use, hotel use, etc.
Perspex coffee table( clear acrylic coffee table, high end and fashionable acrylic table. Best for home or hotel use
in bedroom, reading room, etc.
A single sheet of clear perspex/acrylic made, no glue used;
Simple bent structure, but stylish appearance, aesthetic and functional;
Light weight, easy to move to any where you want;
Suitable for home use, living room, bedroom, reading rooms, hotel use and more.
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