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by on March 30, 2021

When dreams come in to reality, it is something of a surprise, but moreover it is a realization of what was meant to happen. Here is where Australia PR visa comes in to the picture, wherein dreams of many immigrants is realized with them getting a lifetime of comforts and benefits laid down before them.

This happens once they become permanent residents of the Australian region that welcomes aspirants who want a place to live and work. And, what better place that Australia, which is a global platform to give you access to some of the best and most coveted opportunities for employment as well as a ripe ground for setting up or expanding your business operations.

The island continent has always been a breeding ground of ideas for many of the people who want to come here and give shape to what they have aspired for, and that too at handsome well salaries. This is the reason that in the recent years, Australia Immigration has caught up in speed and makes for some of the most desired overseas immigration destination for skilled as well as business professionals alike.

And, what better than a permanent residency which helps you make a comfortable transition in to the new life which is away from home, and the best part that many of your major expenses are covered by the Government of Australia like free primary and secondary education in some of the best public funded institutions as well as subsidized rates when it comes to university education fees, medical services as well as a range of benefits, payments, pensions and support services through the Department of Human Services (Medicare, Centrelink and Child Support) and the Department of Veterans' Affairs.

But to be able to avail all this and more you will need to pass the points test of securing a minimum of 65 or more Australia PR points to be even be able to apply for a Skilled Independent visa or Subclass 189, which is solely based on the skills, work experience, fluency in English language as well as the educational qualifications you have.

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