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A flatbed truck is useful for many industries, from manufacturing to transportation to construction. Often, companies will use this type of truck to carry oversized loads or items that have odd shapes. If you have a significant volume of items to haul, then this type of truck can be ideal. There are many other uses of flatbed trucks for your company to achieve cost savings. Consider the size of your load, the weight, and other factors when considering tapping the services of one of the leading flatbed trucking companies in Illinois.

Building Materials

If you are in the construction industry, then you can use flatbed trucking services for the transport of all of your materials. These can include scaffoldings and lumber as well as brick, concrete, rods, and steel beams. Sometimes, these construction materials might be in odd shapes and are prefabricated. A flatbed truck is the most common vehicle for transporting these goods.

However, this is also the most practical method of transportation. This is because the workers can use a crane and can come from any direction to load or unload the materials. Flatbed trucks are also useful for larger materials that could not fit in a trailer.


Removing Scrap Metal

In the construction industry, you might need to have scrap metals removed from one of your job sites. The haulers will take these scrap metals to sell to a recycling facility, which will then sell the recycled metal to another company. It can be difficult to do this by yourself with your trucks. However, the right flatbed trucking companies in Illinois can move these items with ease.


Tire Bales

Old tires can create a breeding ground for vermin and other pests. Reusing these tires for other areas can help to eliminate waste and keep the tires out of the landfills. This is why companies often choose to bale their tires. The company will compress the tires and tie them together with wire.

Construction industries often use these bales. Road fill, control for erosion, and impact barriers are some of the other popular uses for these tires. Transporting these bales can prove to be problematic, though. With about 100 tires each, a tire bale weighs about a ton. However, flatbed trucks are perfect for transporting these tire bales to new locations.


Choose the Right Provider of Flatbed Trucking Services

There are many uses for flatbed trucks. No matter what your industry, you can likely benefit from our flatbed services. At MGA International Logistics, our flatbed transportation carriers can accommodate a wide variety of materials. We offer a cost-effective solution so that your items will be safely transported to their final destination. Contact us today to learn more about the services that we can offer your company.

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