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When you’re taking stock of the world of fashion, it probably seems riddled with fashion myths. They plague your mornings as you choose your outfit for the day, and they can make you feel like you’re making some kind of major fashion faux pas (whatever that even means). Yet, these fashion choices might not be as “embarrassing” or “tactless” as you were led to believe. It’s time to have fun with fashion, ditch the myths, and rock the modern trends you love.

Myth #1: Loungewear Belongs at Home

Fact: You Can Wear What You Want When You Want

Loungewear is comfortable and on-trend. Fashion brands are making an effort to design lounge-worthy separates and matching sets to help you feel comfortable in clothes that look and feel good. There’s nothing wrong with wearing women’s loungewear outfits out and about if it’s what you want to wear. It’s just archaic (aka old) to think that you can’t wear your favorite clothes when you go to the grocery store. It’s just a trendy, casual outfit, after all—and that’s how loungewear should be seen.

Myth #2: You Shouldn't Wear White After Labor Day

Fact: Again—Wear What You Want When You Want

There’s a lot of speculation about where and when this myth came about. However, white is just a color, and you can wear it whenever you want. If that weren’t true, the fashion industry wouldn’t have come up with the “winter white” workaround, which is still white but not, like, stark white.

Myth #3: Wearing a Mask Isn’t a Fashion Statement

Fact: Anything Can Be a Fashion Statement

Anyone can start a trend whether or not they try to make a statement with it. Masks can be a great way to share your unique style, instead of germs—it’s a double win. You can find masks with pinstripes, florals, dots, or even gingham patterns that look pretty cute. The great thing about masks? They also look really good with stylish date night dresses. Just think of them as another quite trendy accessory.

Myth #4: Dresses Are for Special Occasions

Fact: Dresses Look Good at Any Time

There might have been a few years of your life when you thought dresses were for girls to wear just on special occasions. Well, they’re not—dresses can be worn every day. Here’s an extra fun fact: Men and women can both wear dresses whenever they feel like it. Men were wearing dresses hundreds of years ago—why shouldn’t they now? Dresses are flowy, comfortable, and for everyone. You can find casual dresses for juniors designed to be seen and worn by anyone whenever they want to wear a fashionable dress.

Fashion can be whatever you make it. You don’t have to listen to all that noise about not wearing something because it goes against an antiquated (aka outdated) fashion rule. All you need to navigate the world of fashion are clothes that you enjoy. Fashion is exciting, so have fun with your clothes and commit as many fashion faux pas as you need to create your own sense of style.

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