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by on April 20, 2021

Moving to this part of Australia can be a magical experience and helps you in discovering the numerous employment opportunities that the country has to offer. Home to a diverse range of cultural and sports events there is nothing that the region of South Australia does not have to offer.

All you got to do is to check whether or not your occupation is on the updated South Australia occupation list 2021. Career progression, business opportunities as well as education are some of the highlights for which it is a best decision for an immigrant to move to this part of Australia as a permanent resident.

Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth are some of the Australian destinations that come under the purview of South Australia and are also touted as some of the best cities in the world where an immigrant can live, work and settle along with their families for the long term.

Just keep in mind that your chosen occupation is present on the Australia occupation list so that the state can choose you as per the current local labour Australia PR requirements of that region of Australia.

Other ways to get here is via the Subclass 189 or the Skilled Independent visa wherein you are chosen based on whether you have scored a minimum of 65 points or more on the Australia point’s calculator which gives you an overview of the point’s tally that you can get once you score well.

Along with this you will be required to present a positive skills assessment presented by the designated authority of the occupation which you have applied for. Here are a list of occupations on the South Australia occupation list 2021.

• Farmers and Farm Managers

• Specialist Mangers

• Hospitality, Retail and service managers

• Arts and Media professionals

• Business, Human Resource & Marketing Professionals

• Design, Engineering, Science & Transport Professionals

• Education Professionals

• ICT Professionals

• Legal, Social & Welfare Professionals

• Engineering, ICT & Science Technicians

• Automotive & Engineering Trades Workers

• Construction Trades Workers

For more information on the South Australia occupation list 2021, you can get in touch with our certified immigration consultants at 8595338595 or
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