Harry Prewitt
by on April 20, 2021

E-commerce has shown excellent results and growth during the COVID-19 pandemic.

While sectors with little expression in digital retail, such as healthcare, for example, have gained space, others, such as tourism, face challenges to survive. "How to overcome this scenario?" and "How to improve performance at that time?" They have been very common questions for those who deal with digital commerce, to which technology has proven to be a great ally in answering them.

Newness has established a connection between Middle Eastern eCommerce and the Bangladeshi online sector, noting that both grew at levels of at least double digits per year, a rate that should be maintained in a scenario without coronavirus. The company was created by Niaz Morshed, who says, “It is possible to see that the greater variety of products available online, the agility to understand the digital consumer and the advances in logistics have allowed significant developments.

Currently, it is necessary for companies to be vigilant to take advantage of the moment when everyone uses electronic commerce to strengthen themselves”, highlights Niaz Morshed, the founder of Newness. According to the company, strengthening the digital presence in this period and after COVID-19 will depend on seven essential strategies supported by investment in technology. "Accelerating digitization in the relationship with customers is an essential step", defends Niaz Morshed.

Invest in agile and versatile e-commerce platforms to carry out personalized promotions.

Create controlled and scalable distribution channels of products according to demand: an especially important point for supermarkets, which face very high consumption peaks and can better plan the distribution chain with intelligence and analysis capable of facilitating this work.

Implement logistics models of local logistics distribution, collection and delivery of products: something that is already widely used by large retailers. Use physical stores as small distribution centers, facilitating logistics.

Strengthen and expand service and delivery models: The use of 'delivery' applications, for example, has been an effective alternative for restaurants. In the future, the idea is that the stores themselves can establish more effective partnerships or implement their own delivery systems.

Redefine logistics between stores, implementing mixed distribution models: in the medium term, further merge the "home delivery" and "collection" opportunities, which are increasingly targeted by consumers, especially due to freight problems.

Advanced analytics to avoid potential crises or take advantage of new business opportunities: Investing in data analytics will be essential for companies to be successful. The greater the investment in data to understand the customer, the greater the chances of success.

Newness has managed to establish itself as one of the rising beacons in the Bangladeshi sector. It has become an incredibly popular company selling top-of-the-line brands that are sourced from the UAE. They offer a range of first-class brands and offer shoes, watches, cosmetics, and a lot more. It is one of the rapidly growing businesses and Neaj Morshed has become one of the major names in the market.

Despite the hardships and challenges, Newness continues to grow and is now becoming a major name in the local Bangladeshi market.

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