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by on April 22, 2021

The pediatric branch of medicine has undergone a drastic change in the recent past. Today, there are various advanced facilities and services at various children’s hospitals in places such as Vijayawada. Here are some of pediatric the outpatient and in-patient services available in Vijayawada hospitals.

Outpatient services:

The children’s hospital in Vijayawada offers various outpatient services. From general pediatrics to a vast variety of pediatric subspecialties, you will find it all here. The team of Consultant Pediatricians here at the hospital includes doctors who are highly qualified with postgraduate training in excellent and renowned teaching medical colleges and hospitals across India.

Some of the common sickness in children that the general pediatric department handles include:

@ Fever

@ Cough

@ Cold

@ Vomiting

@ Loose motions

The process which the doctors follow here is

1. The Consultant will check your child.

2. He/ She will take a look at your child’s medical history, if any, and advise the appropriate treatment or tests that need to be carried out.

3. If the pediatrician finds it crucial only, then will your child be referred to a specialty clinic or ancillary childcare.

Doctors at the children’s hospital in Vijayawada ensure that they give routine care to your child. They also offer guidance for vaccinations to be administered to your child. Similarly, here the doctors closely monitor the weight and height of your baby. Dietary advice, dental preventive care, and health screening programs are some of the common services offered as a part of outpatient services.

In-patient services:

If your child’s pediatrician feels that your child requires intravenous fluids and IV medication, only then will they advise you to admit your child in the hospital.

The in-patient services here at the children’s hospital in Vijayawada offer state-of-the-art care for children and adolescents who require admission for all aspects of Pediatric and surgical treatments. The child is treated in a developmentally appropriate fashion. The doctors here emphasize synthesizing medical and psychosocial needs.

Depending on the ward in which the child is admitted, the children’s parents are allowed to stay with them.

Some of the facilities for the inpatients at the children’s hospital in Vijayawada include:

@ Round-the-clock nurses who are trained to deal with your child are available on each floor.

@ A strong PICU for back-up for any unexpected course of events in the in-patient admissions.

@ Qualified pediatricians are available on the premises round the clock to attend to sick children and make crucial decisions in saving the child.

At the children’s hospital in Vijayawada, every child is taken care of with utmost care, compassion, and empathy. Every decision taken towards your child’s treatment is made keeping your child’s future in mind.


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