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by on April 27, 2021
Diamond wedding rings and engagement rings are the symbols of love and affection. But when you go out to purchase the rings, you will end up spending half of your savings on buying them. That is why many people dread the process of purchasing precious metals and stones. But again, a marriage proposal is meaningless without a proper ring. And that means, no matter how low your budget is, one can never escape the process of buying the rings. Well, we understand your dilemma. And trust us, you aren’t alone who wants to save a few dollars on buying the engagement or wedding ring. That is why we have drafted this blog with a few tested and tried tricks. By following them, you may be able to save at least 50% on the engagement and wedding ring. Avoid Buying From A Chain Jeweler. One of the best ways to save a few bucks on your wedding and engagement ring is by skipping the chain jewelers. Typically most people end up visiting the mall jewelers without thinking about any other alternative because it is an easy option. But, you must know that chain jeweler’s markup diamonds or gemstones to double or triple their cost. If you have made up your mind about purchasing the ring from the chain jeweler, then it is better that you negotiate after doing thorough research. Find A Place That Can Help You Save Money. If you are looking for the best deals, then purchase your diamond jewelry at an independent jeweler. In fact, you will be highly surprised to know that independent jewelers can help you save more dollars than a chain jeweler can. All you need to do is negotiate. If you do not have a diamond wholesaler near to where you live, then find a reputable jeweler online to acquire the best deals on diamond jewelry. 1- Online Diamond Jewelers: Online diamond jewelers can offer you a wide variety of diamonds, metals, designs, styles, and whatnot. And trust us; there is something for everyone, regardless of what budget restriction one has. Most prices are half of what a retail store may charge. Moreover, you get free shipping along with easy returns, thus making an online diamond purchase as the best option to save maximum dollars. And if you end up buying diamond rings during holiday seasons or during the sale, then you can save more than what you expected. Know How Much You Can Save? It is found that a simple 4mm platinum band costs around $780 in reputed stores but the same costs around $1450 at a local retail store. Now, this hike is nearly double what reputed stores charge. This saving is just on precious metals. If you find the right jeweler and negotiate with all your might, then you may end up saving a lot on diamonds and precious stones. Here are a few ways of saving on jewelry: 1- Independent Jewelers: If you aren’t a fan of online shopping and you don’t quite trust the online processing, then check out with your local jewelers. Even though the ring at local stores may cost a bit more than online stores, but this option is far better than chain jewelers. And since independent jewelers work with the industry’s best artisans, you will never have to worry about the craftsmanship. You most likely will end up with unique jewelry at a minimum investment. 2- Diamond Wholesalers: One of the cheapest ways to save on Bridal ring sets is by purchasing loose stones from the diamond wholesaler. But, if you opt for this option, then you might need to travel to the major cities or the diamond districts. But, before you step into buying the diamond from the wholesaler, you must know the ins and outs of diamonds. This is because diamond wholesalers are professionals who are habitual of dealing with professionals. If you enter as naïve, you will be taken advantage of by the wholesalers. Know That It Doesn’t Have To Be The Diamond! Even though we are basically talking about saving on diamond jewelry, but you must know that the engagement ring or wedding ring doesn’t need to have a diamond on it. You can shop around and opt for colored gems like emerald, sapphire, or even onyx. Over to You Engagement rings and Women’s wedding rings play a vital role in commemorating the special day. Even though with the ongoing inflation, you can end up spending a lot more dollars than intended. It is always wiser to set a budget and stick to it. Moreover, by following our guide, you can easily downsize the overall spending by up to 50% while still keeping the quality and preciousness of your wedding and engagement rings intact. Visit Now:
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