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by on April 28, 2021
Everything in life comes with a price. This price may be an emotional sacrifice, physical sacrifice, or temporal sacrifice. Regardless of what type of sacrifice you do to gain something in your life, it is necessary to know that this must be something of worth. Don’t set goals that bring out small achievements. Don’t make yourself habitual of settling for less.
Below are 3 reasons why you should not settle for less.

You Deserve Respect
Respect is the birthright of every human being. But in today’s world, it is something that you have to earn through making others know your presence. When you settle for less, people start taking you for granted.

You Deserve the Best
Know that when the people you put on priority are not able to put you on their priority then they are just using you. Know that you are settling for less because out there are people who will value your time and efforts.

You Don’t Know Your Potential
Most of the time we settle for less because we are not aware of our own potential. This makes us take in our life whatever is available whether they are things or people. You are not a backup plan or the second choice of someone. Realize your potential before it gets too late and people treat you as a toy. Opt for excellence in everything you do only then you will be able to realize the true potential of yourself.

Many people have achieved excellence in their personal and professional phases of life. These are the people who give in inspiration and guidance to others to follow the same path. Tony J. Selimi is one of those gurus who have embarked on the journey to guide others and show them the light of success. “A Path to Excellence” by Jeton Tony Selimi is an ultimate guide to know how to become the leader of your own life. Through this book, you can know how to achieve your personal and professional goals and reach greater heights with the right attitude and determination which leads to a better future for yourself and the people surrounding you. “A Path to Excellence” is a must-read book for people who are looking for counseling in the path of their achievements.

About the Author:
Tony J. Selimi is an author of “A Path to Excellence”. The book serves as a guidebook to those who want to go beyond average life and excel in their personal and professional lives. The author through this book intends to reach, influence, and reconstruct millions of people around the world.

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