Ethen Adam
by on May 5, 2021

We have already faced a lot in 2020 because of the pandemic caused by the fatal virus we know now as Corona Virus. Corona Virus turned our lives upside down. We are now in the age of New Normal, where before going out and touching anything we have to think twice. In this era taking your business ahead is difficult.

But in the worst of times, there is always scope and hope to come out of the dark cave and see the sunlight. As there are examples of the business which bloom in the 2020 and 2021. To take your business ahead you need to make sure that you meet the current standard of businesses all around the world. You need to make a powerful online presence to make sure that your business keeps on working in bad circumstances.

Also, you have to train your teams for any possible remote work in the future. As we know much businesses moved to complete remote work during the strict lockdown in various countries. But some of them couldn’t cope up with this strategy and failed to achieve goals remotely. Hence, before you go on remote work make sure your team is well-trained and well-equipped.

If you are looking for ideas and details related to business and leadership then there are plenty of books you can go through. But one of the books that teach next-level business ideas and strategies for effective marketing is Business Management & Leadership Strategies in the Competitive Market by Jameel Ahmed . The book is a complete roadmap to success in business and leadership. It not only teaches you only about the market it describes various strategies and theories that can make you overcome challenges in the business world and make successful leadership decisions. Jameel Ahmed through Business Management & Leadership Strategies in the Competitive Market has assembled the field-tested methods and ideas that he has learned during his 21 years in the field.

About the Author

Jameel Ahmed is the founder of ZERCO International and also carries the responsibility of CEO of the same company. Dr. Jameel Ahmed has a flourishing career in Supply Chain Management with a management degree from India. He was born in UAE in a beautiful family having four brothers and a sister. Currently, a resident of North Carolina Jameel Ahmed aspires to transfer his ideas and skills to the future generation. Therefore, he penned an amazing book Business Management & Leadership Strategies in the Competitive Market. Through this book, he wants to inspire the readers to achieve their goals in a more precise manner. It is a must-read book if you are looking for motivation for your next business or trying new strategies in your established business.

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