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The analysis of prophetic dreams is a very interesting process that can tell a lot about your thoughts, feelings and relationships with the outside world. Dreams present us with images of what was, what will be, and what could have been, more at In a prophetic dream, you can find answers and solutions to problems that are transferred from everyday life to the kingdom of dreams. And sometimes you can even experience a kind of journey into the future and find out what lies beyond the horizon.
Why there are prophetic dreams
If you think that prophetic dreams are needed only to divine the future, then this is not so. Prophetic dreams are also needed to analyze your own life.
Learn to recognize the causes of dreams. In order to know all of your dreams, you need to distinguish between special prophetic dreams and dreams that were caused by external circumstances. For example, the frost in a dream was simply caused by the blanket slipping off you.
Find a balance between reality and prophetic dream. Learn to distinguish between real and metaphorical dreams. After all, even your prophetic dreams may not have the most obvious meaning.
Practice control and substitution. Learn to control and change the course of your dreams. This will help provide a great deal of understanding and control of the real life situation. And if the dream is prophetic, then changing the ending of the dream can help you change the future.
Develop creativity. Use your prophetic dreams to train your creativity and imagination. Many creative personalities have used the world of their dreams - for example, Salvador Dali. Did you see a picture in a dream? Try to draw it in real life.
When prophetic dreams are dreamed
Remember that prophetic dreams are rare and on certain days of the year and week. Prophetic dreams are most likely during the Christmas week, from January 7 (Christmas) to January 19 (Epiphany). On any church holiday, a prophetic dream can be dreamed, but it must be fulfilled before lunch of this day.
Prophetic dreams by day of the week
On the night from Sunday to Monday, you can make a dream. Expect both prophetic and "empty" dreams that are not destined to become reality.
From Monday to Tuesday, simple dreams, not prophetic ones, are also dreamed.
From Tuesday to Wednesday - dreams can come true.
Dreams from Wednesday to Thursday are of great importance.
Dreams from Thursday to Friday always predict fate. Friday is considered a special day: on Good Friday, Jesus Christ was crucified, and earlier this day was revered in honor of the goddess Venus. Dreams come true in up to three years.
From Friday to Saturday, ordinary dreams are dreamed.
From Saturday to Sunday - a dream can come true before lunchtime. The events that it portends depend on the mood of the dream.
Remember that information in a prophetic dream can confuse you, as it is often encrypted. If you take information literally, you only understand half of your dreams.
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