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Before building a paintball team we have to follow some steps to make a stronger and appropriate team to establish the goal. We have concise the process of multiple steps to 8 steps just you need to follow them to get your desired paintball team.
1. Determine your final goals:
Evaluate why you want to start a paintball team, if your end goal is to make some fun with your friends you don’t have to do serious practice, however, if you are interested to make a team for tournaments you need to gather some serious and skilled paintball players. Determining the end goal will help you to establish a team according to your end goals.
2. Arrange a meeting with your paintball friends:
Almost all captains have started their team with friends, if you have fellow paintball friends you can make a strong team that can dominate any team with strong strategies, however, your friends are new to the paintball you may struggle to dominate a strong team.
During the meeting, you have to propose your end goals so that your future teammates have a strong concept of your vision.
Remember if you want to build a paintball team for fun, you can gather some non-serious friends, however, if your end goal is to make a stronger team dominate the strong teams you have to gather some serious paintball geeks.
3. Assign Roles:

Make sure to assign a unique and suitable role to each player, as in paintball we have multiple roles like sniper man, front player, mid-player, inserter, etc. let them choose the role according to their interest.
You can change roles after the first practice match according to the capabilities of each player but initially let them choose.
4. Find a field for practice:
Now you have built a team obviously you need to do practice to strengthen your game, make sure to hunt a nearby paintball field, and make a schedule to do the practice. Moreover, you have to do some serious practices like building strong communication, strategies. Also, educate your teammates about paintball safety and rules if they aren’t familiar.
You don’t need to do practice regularly if your tournament is not near, once or twice in a week will be best to sharpen your skills.
5. Promote your team offline and online:
Make a banner of your team and promote it on local colleges, universities, etc. you can also hunt some paintball forums, Facebook groups, and Reddit's subreddit to promote online. Also paid ads will perform as well.
6. Lookup for sponsorships:
You need some financial help for getting equipment, team kits, etc. let’s hunt some business owners to get sponsorships, generally sports promoters, shops, and brands are interested to feature their brands through a paintball team.
You just need to find them and arrange a meeting with them, make sure to satisfy them that their brand will get famous. Most of the time we get pretty good sponsorships because our team is serious about tournaments, however, if you are going to play for fun you may not get good sponsorships.
7. Prepare equipment:

1st step is to prepare a kit with the player’s name and number, make sure each player has the same colored kit that will boost the confidence of the player. Once you have prepared a kit with the same color, different sponsors logo, etc. you have to finalize your equipment. Here is some equipment we need to do paintballing:
And the list goes on depending on the level of team
8. Participate in tournaments:
You have the equipment, sponsorship a well-skilled team, now you have to participate in tournaments, leagues, and world cups. Just you have to pay entry fees, read out some rules and you are good to go.
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