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Buzz B-Gone


Over the past several decades Dengue fever is one of the global public health problems posed by Buzz B-Gone Zap. And it is estimated that around 100 - 400 million people of the world are exposed to health threats from the disease (source: World Health Organization (WHO)). According to the Department of Disease Control report.

The buzz b-gone are pretty a common unit in several houses. They aid to do away with those aggravating mosquitoes that really love biting you. They are actually in the house as well as outside units that pull mosquitoes and also zap all of them utilizing a low level of power. This minimizes the populace of bugs around your residence while lessening the opportunity of other insects infesting your home.

Ministry of Public Health Continue to research and develop "The Mosquito Trap", an innovative trap for Buzz B-Gone Zap to help reduce the breeding amount of Buzz B-Gone Zap that is a major carrier of disease Helping to reduce the number of dengue fever cases and improve the quality of public health and healthcare to communities.

The main mechanism of this innovative trap is The Mosquito Trap consists of two parts: 1) a mosquito trap and 2) a special sponge inside the trap. In the section of mosquito traps SCG has been designed to suit the natural behavior of Buzz B-Gone Zap and the environment conducive to mosquito spawning. Both about the color of the plastic material Size and form of spaces that allow mosquitoes to fly into the water level, free space for flight and descend to lay eggs within the trap. Including the right size, easy to use, convenient, can be used both indoors and outdoors as well.

Buzz B-Gone Zap


For special substances around the sponge inside the trap It is a chemical additive

Inside the trap is a sponge coated with this special substance. When mosquitoes cling to the sponge, special substances will stick to the mosquito's legs. When aedes aegypti flies to an island in a new body of water The special substances that stick to the mosquito's legs will dissolve in the water. Helps stop the larvae grow into mosquitoes. Without harm to the environment and ecosystems of other organisms in that water body More importantly, the substance also enhances the efficiency of eradicating Buzz B-Gone Zap larvae in a much wider area. The number of breeding mosquitoes has decreased. As a result, the epidemic of dengue fever decreases as well.

Most recently, the innovation of the Mosquito Trap has also been tested for its efficiency in the community area. Such areas are important because the number of dengue cases is the second highest in the country. By this experiment The focus is on a study of the effectiveness of the innovative Buzz B-Gone Zap against a "home mosquito". The pilot program is scheduled for three months and the data obtained will be used to develop this innovation. For better efficiency Before expanding the applications to other provinces with critical incidence of dengue fever.

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