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by on June 8, 2021

delsTo excel in any business, it is no secret that you have to provide something different from the rest of the market, and brands have understood that. This is why they have shifted their focus on using unique and customized packaging, which can double as a protection for the products, while also working as marketing tools.

Now, since there is a need for unique packaging, many companies have started making them, which has become an industry of its own. The field of rigid packaging boxes is snowballing, and with the competition rising every day, companies have started providing all sorts of customizations.

The best unique packaging providing companies give their users the freedom of design, size, shape, and even the printing technique and color models they want to choose for their custom rigid packaging. There is a simple rule that the more options you provide, the better the chance you will have of becoming the best rigid packaging provider.

How the Best Rigid Packaging Boxes Providers Work

These days, the concept of packaging has completely changed from what it was a few years ago. Now, it is not like you can choose any plain box for the packaging. It is imperative for both the brands using them and companies that provide rigid packaging to bring something a little different, something that is unique on its own.

Some stand above the rest, and here we have compiled the whole process that their unique rigid packaging goes through, which makes them different from the rest.

Choosing a Unique Design for Rigid Boxes

The process begins with the designing phase, what they do is arrange one-on-one meetings with their representatives, and they take all your requirements into account. These include your brand details and your product information. After that, they consult about the design and make mockups to make the visualization more accessible. Once you have the design finalized, you move onto the next phase, the unique packaging of CBD boxes.

Packaging Materials for Rigid Packaging

Successful brands/companies know the impact of packaging materials because it is the packaging material that is further adorned with additional packaging features like add ons, finishing coats packaging inserts, etc. Moreover, it is advised to choose packaging material consciously because it keeps your product safe during shipping and retail handling.

UNIQUE CUSTOM BOXES offers premium quality materials and expert advice on which material would best suit your brand's needs.

Following is the list of the various packaging materials that are usually used to create the best quality rigid packaging boxes:

  • HDF
  • Ivory Board
  • Corrugated
  • Rigid
  • Cardboard
  • Kraft

Printing Techniques that are used to Make Rigid Packaging

Next in line comes the selection of the printing technique that would be applied to your boxes. The best rigid packaging providing companies understand that the boxes are not just for storage but branding and marketing. This is why they offer the latest and the best printing options, as printing is just as necessary as the material for the box to become a successful marketing tool. You get to choose from some of the latest printing techniques, such as:

  • Rotogravure Printing
  • Offset Printing
  • Lithography
  • Flexography
  • Silk Screen Printing
  • Digital Printing

Selection of Color Models to Make the Rigid Packaging Lively

These companies understand that the color model makes the box pop from the rest. No matter how good your design or printing is, if they do not use top of the color models, then your box would eventually fail as colors could fade away or change shades after a while. This is why they only offer the best color molike.

  • PMS
  • CMYK

Add-Ons that Make Rigid Boxes More Alluring 

Add-ons are also known as additional decorative pieces, which give an extra spark to the overall packaging of rigid boxes, thus makes them unique. These companies understand that they need to go a little extra to stay on top, which why they provide a wide variety of custom add-ons that you choose from for your rigid packaging:

  • Wooden Frames
  • Ribbons
  • Hot Stamping
  • Embossing
  • Debossing
  • Window Patching
  • Spot UV
  • Bows

The Final Finishing Coats for Unique Rigid Packaging

To top it all off, you can go ahead and choose from some of the finest finishing coats that top customized rigid packaging companies provide to make their boxes sleeker and presentable:

  • Varnish
  • Glossy
  • Textured
  • Matte
  • Soft Touch

Prototypes for Better Understanding

These companies are on top because they focus the most on customer experience, providing unit test samples.

Prototypes help you understand the dynamics, like the size and shape of the box. You can also perform quality tests to make sure that they are up to the mark. Following are the prototyping options that the top companies offer:

  • Unit Samples
  • 2D Prototypes
  • 3D Mock-Ups

Why Pick Unique Custom Boxes

Unique custom boxes stay on top of the competition because we package your products in exceptionally tailored rigid packaging boxes that serve as a walking billboard for your brand.

Let's not delay giving your target users a luxurious experience: sell your products in unique custom boxes.

That is not all, and here you can get the best market rates and unlimited revisions for your boxes. So you can be sure that you have taken the right step.

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